How do I find out how many miles I have on my US Airways Visa travel rewards card?

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Question: How do I find out how many miles I have on my US Airways Visa travel rewards card?

Answer: Your best bet is to contact your card issuer. There should be a number for their customer service on your monthly statement or on the back of your card. They are the only ones who can really offer authoritative answers.

But you should also ask some other things while you are talking to your representative. For example, how do you collect air miles? Cards vary, and some cards collect air miles on almost everything you buy, from groceries to gasoline and even on mortgages, travel shopping and online shopping. Does yours?

Ask also what you can use air miles for? When you are collecting miles on your everyday shopping, can you use them for free flights? Do they include airline taxes, fees and surcharges? Can miles be used worldwide or only for select destinations? Can they be used for hotel, dining, or getting cash back? Are there blackout periods or travel restrictions?

Find out about potential hidden charges. One of the main complaints about air miles cards is that there are often hidden costs. This occurs when the flight itself is free, but you are responsible for paying any applicable taxes, fees and surcharges. Also, be aware that not all spending on the card will earn you air miles. Another drawback to watch out for is that cards offering the most air miles tend to have an annual fee.

I realize I have offered you far more than you asked about, but perhaps some of these considerations have not yet surfaced. At the same time other readers may not have considered these issues, either, and so bringing them to light may assist them.

In the final analysis, read the fine print and then read it again. Be sure you understand all of the stipulations. Like all credit cards, special conditions might apply and could change. I once heard the statement: "Let the 'flyer' beware!" This seems extremely appropriate.


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