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American Express® Gold Card

American Express® Gold Card

About Our Ratings

Curtis Arnold, Editor-in-Chief
"If you have an incurable case of wanderlust, or perhaps travel often for business, then this card is definitely worth checking out. Many of the features and perks are compelling, including annual travel fee credits that alone can almost offset the higher annual fee." (See Rates and Fees)
Brooklyn Lowery
Brooklyn Lowery, Site Editor
"This card checks two important rewards boxes: flexibility and value. My rewards are worth 25% more when I redeem through the Ultimate Rewards® portal or I can transfer them to a number of travel loyalty partners. Plus, I can combine points from this card with points earned with my Chase Freedom®, so my rewards grow even more quickly."

Jennifer Doss, Site Editor
"Since I don’t have to worry about categories or spending caps, using this card is an easy way for me to earn 2 miles on every single purchase I make. Plus, as someone who loves to travel, I really appreciate that I’m not limited in how I use my miles. From airfare to Airbnb stays, I can use rewards for it all."