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CardRatings is dedicated to being the premiere source for credit card reviews, ratings and information. We understand that the average person isn’t a credit card expert and is relying on us to provide authoritative, easy-to-understand advice when it comes to selecting a credit card that fits their lifestyle.  

We take that charge seriously and strive to provide information on the best credit cards for a variety of lifestyles, financial situations and desired credit card features. We also work to stay on top of industry trends and credit card best practices so that we can communicate that to you.

CardRatings’ experts regularly provide insight into and commentary on the credit industry for a wide range of media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show (NBC), Good Morning America, The Early Show (CBS), USA Today, PBS, Money and SmartMoney Magazines, MSNBC, NPR, The New York Times, Fox Business, Oprah and Friends and The Washington Post.

Our experts provide members of the media with professional service and timely, authoritative information. We work alongside members of the media at every stage of the reporting process to ensure that tight deadlines are met.

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Contact Name:  Brooklyn Lowery
Contact Phone: 617-678-7354
Contact Email: pr@cardratings.com

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  • PayPod Podcast: Reviewing Credit Cards the Right Way with Brooklyn Lowery of CardRatings.com - (Aug. 16, 2019) CardRatings senior manager and site editor Brooklyn Lowery discussed the ins and outs of credit card review websites, how sites like CardRatings remain unbiased and how consumers can find the best credit card for their needs and lifestyle. Listen to the full PayPod Podcast on the Soar Payments website.
  • Business Insider's "The 9 biggest reasons people get married" - (July 30,2019) 

Additionally, CardRatings features content from some of the top financial personalities across the web. See more here.

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Curtis founded CardRatings.com in 1998; it was among the first websites to offer credit card reviews and ratings. After struggling with credit card debt following his graduate studies in business at University of Texas at Dallas, Curtis became a consumer advocate and financial literacy educator. Today he is a nationally recognized expert in the field and author of several books on financial literacy.
Brooklyn is a journalist with nearly 20 years experience covering a wide range of topics from government to business to human interest articles and more. Her interest in the credit card industry arose out of a desire to maximize reward potential and help people understand best practices when it comes to their credit cards.
With a decade of experience in the media industry, Jennifer has worked as both a print and online journalist, and has had extensive involvement with content marketing, copywriting, and social media. She appreciates the rewards of responsible credit card use and enjoys helping people understand the ins and outs of the industry.