Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Enter your credit card's current balance:$
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At the rate of payment you entered, it would take months to pay off the card.

How To Use Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Enter your credit card balance, interest rate and a monthly payment amount, then hit Calculate to see how long it would take to pay off your balance if you made that same payment every month (assuming you stopped putting new charges on the card, of course). To understand how just a little extra each month can affect the time until payoff, increase the monthly payment slightly and re-calculate -- the change may surprise you. 

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*Disclaimer: Savings vary depending on account usage and payment behavior.

How we calculate savings: Our algorithm factors in the introductory balance transfer rate, length of the introductory period, balance transfer fee, ongoing interest rate, annual fee and data entered into the filter in order calculate savings and the time needed to pay off a balance. The algorithm is designed to yield reasonably accurate results.