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Answer a few quick questions about your personal finance and credit card experience to reveal resources curated especially for where you are in your credit card journey.

Whether you’re brand new to credit, an expert looking to fine-tune your credit card rewards strategy or you’re somewhere in between, we have educational content, tools, guides and card suggestions tailored to you.

CardRatings’ Credit Card Journey tool is your map to becoming an informed credit card user and master of your personal finances. We want to provide you with the right resources at the right time of your life. The few questions you answer in our quiz allow us to curate resources specific to someone at your stage. Are you an Initiator? A Builder? An Optimizer? An Explorer? An Acheiver? No matter where you find yourself, we offer personalized resources to help you make confident decisions about your next credit card or the next step in your personal finance journey.

The Credit Card Journey tool knows only what you tell it. We aren’t performing credit checks or otherwise verifying your answers. As such, be honest about where you are so you get the most accurate set of resources. Remember, this tool is meant to help you along your path, but everyone’s circumstances differ. The best decision-makers are informed decision-makers. Our Credit Card Journey tool can help get you there!

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You're just starting out with credit and establishing your personal finance profile. While you may have limited or no credit history, there's a lot of potential for growth and building a strong financial foundation.

You have a basic understanding of credit and know your credit score. With a reliable income and a responsible budget, you are ready to start exploring how credit cards can support you in your financial journey.

You have a track record of responsible money management. You might be looking to expand your knowledge of credit cards as personal finance tools, and starting to pursue credit card rewards and perks to maximize your benefits.

You already have a solid understanding of credit cards, and you have established responsible budgeting and spending habits. You might be looking to expand your credit card portfolio to take advantage of specific benefits, such as premium credit cards with higher fees.

Congratulations on being an achiever in the world of personal finance! As someone with advanced knowledge of credit cards and credit, you may have an interest in premium credit cards, teaching others about personal finance, or even starting a business.

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