Because there's no longer a universal standard about the differences between "gold" and "platinum" credit cards, Visa developed the Visa Signature brand to help its banking partners offer a consistent, premium experience with credit cards for excellent credit. When you see the "Visa Signature" logo on the corner of your credit card, it means you're entitled to a host of benefits that usually include:

  • The Visa Signature Concierge. Call a toll-free hotline anytime for access to a team of travel and entertainment specialists who can make things happen for you, especially when you're on the road. Some Visa Signature cardholders have discovered that the concierge team loves taking on challenges, like securing hot concert tickets or hard-to-get restaurant reservations.
  • Travel benefits. In conjunction with your dedicated concierge team, your Visa Signature card gets you special discounts and perks at some of the most luxurious destinations around the world. Upgraded hotel rooms, preferential tee times, and culinary events can make your leisure time even more spectacular.
  • Entertainment offers. Visa Signature cardholders now enjoy preferred seating at featured concerts, sporting events, and other theater events. Visa Signature cardholders even get discounted movie tickets through popular online booking sites, instead of the VIP coupons offered by competing cards.
  • Purchase protection benefits. Most Visa Signature cardholders enjoy 90 days of protection from theft or damaged goods, making these cards excellent for purchasing electronics, jewelry, and other big ticket items. You can also use Visa Signature's complimentary warranty manager service to track you large purchases and facilitate repair claims beyond the first three months of ownership.

Many banks, including Chase and Citibank, offer Visa Signature versions of popular credit cards. If you're responding to a Visa Signature credit card offer, check the terms and conditions for specific details about the rewards and benefits that apply. Although most banks have embedded all of the Visa Signature perks into their premium accounts, some offers restrict access to one or more special features.

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