I want to apply for a Capital One® no annual fee card with points but I also want to do a balance transfer. If I apply for the points card, do they send BT offers once you have the card in hand?

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Q: I want to apply for a Capital One® no annual fee card with points but I also want to do a balance transfer. None of the Capital One® cards seem to have points and a BT offer. If I apply for the points card, does anyone know if they send BT offers once you have the card in hand?

A: The current marketplace for credit card offers seems to have two checkout aisles: one for consumers who need to carry a balance from month to month, and another for folks who intend to rack up as many reward points as possible. There's a way to get the best of both worlds, but at a price.

By design, credit card offers hope two attract one or the other kind of prospective cardholder. Banks use these offers to figure out how best to make money from you. For instance, a balance transfer credit card offer lures the kind of consumer who's likely to let some interest accrue from month to month. Likewise, a great rewards credit card enables banks to earn revenue from transaction fees on all the purchases you'll make every week.

It's rare to find a card that offers both a low introductory APR and a strong rewards program. And, thanks to the Credit CARD Act, it's difficult for banks to change the terms of your existing account to include a balance transfer offer.

However, there may be a way to qualify yourself for a Capital One® balance transfer offer on an existing rewards credit card. Log in to your secure online banking portal at CapitalOne.com. Once you're in, look for a link that says "Modify Your Features." A pop-up window will walk you through any available upgrades or offers on your current account. Every few months, based on your account status, you may qualify for a change to your accounts terms and conditions that could include a different rewards deal or perhaps even a balance transfer offer.

If that doesn't work, there's one more way you may get a balance transfer offer from Capital One® after you've been a customer for at least six months. Visit the front page of their website and search under the "credit cards" menu for a link that says, "See If You're Pre-qualified." Filling out a quick form will show you whether Capital One® has reserved a balance transfer credit card for you without performing a hard pull of your credit report.


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