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CardRatings is dedicated to being the premiere source for credit card reviews, ratings and information. We understand that the average person isn’t a credit card expert and is relying on us to provide authoritative, easy-to-understand advice when it comes to selecting a credit card that fits their lifestyle.  

We take that charge seriously and strive to provide information on the best credit cards for a variety of lifestyles, financial situations and desired credit card features. We also work to stay on top of industry trends and credit card best practices so that we can communicate that to you.

CardRatings’ experts regularly provide insight into and commentary on the credit industry for a wide range of media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show (NBC), Good Morning America, The Early Show (CBS), USA Today, PBS, Money and SmartMoney Magazines, MSNBC, NPR, The New York Times, Fox Business, Oprah and Friends and The Washington Post.

Our experts provide members of the media with professional service and timely, authoritative information. We work alongside members of the media at every stage of the reporting process to ensure that tight deadlines are met.

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Recent News/Press Releases

Consumers and CardRatings.com Rate the Best and Worst Credit Cards - Jan 04,2011

Every year, CardRatings.com publishes its Editor’s Choice Awards for best and worst credit cards. This year, the Consumer’s Choice Awards make their debut. While the [...]

CardRatings.com Releases Editor’s Choice Awards for Best Credit Cards of 2010: Great Offers Abound for Consumers - Dec 05,2010

Despite the onslaught of new restrictions forced on the credit card industry in 2010 as a result of the CARD Act, the industry survived and [...]

CardRatings.com Experts Address Potential Loopholes in CARD Act's Final Chapter - Aug 16,2010

CardRatings.com -- the most comprehensive free source for comparing credit card offers -- recently published a series of blog posts and articles on the final [...]

CardRatings.com Poll Finds 36 Percent of Consumers Pay Off Student Loans with Credit Cards - Jul 05,2010

Consumer advocates have long sounded the alarm about credit cards marketing debt to students and recent college graduates. CardRatings.com, the most comprehensive free source for [...]

Expert Content Roundtable Addresses Need for Financial Literacy: 41 Percent of Consumers Grade Their Personal Finance Knowledge a "C" or Lower - Apr 27,2010

Four leading finance websites -- CardRatings.com, MoneyRates.com, HSH.com and Insure.com -- have joined forces to promote the increasing importance of consumer financial literacy. Together, the [...]

CardRatings.com Founder Curtis Arnold Weighs in on New Restrictions to Free Credit Report Offers - Apr 11,2010

The Federal Trade Commission has taken regulatory steps to curtail misleading offers for free credit reports. CardRatings.com highlights the major rule changes and their effects [...]

CardRatings.com Research Confirms Consumers' Worst Fears Concerning Credit Card Rate and Fee Hikes - Mar 09,2010

CardRatings.com -- the most comprehensive free source for comparing credit card offers -- recently conducted an informal poll asking site visitors if their credit card [...]

CardRatings.com Launches Credit CARD Act Guide to Help Consumers Understand New Legislation -- 86 Percent of Consumers Report Card Rate Increases - Feb 21,2010

To help current and future cardholders understand the recently-enacted Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act, CardRatings.com has published a comprehensive, four-part consumer guide. [...]

CardRatings.com Poll Reveals 40 Percent of Consumers Believe Credit Card Rate Cap Will Backfire - Feb 07,2010

CardRatings.com -- the most comprehensive free source for comparing credit card offers -- recently conducted a poll asking site visitors if they believe the proposed [...]

CardRatings.com Poll Finds Majority of Consumers Plan on Spending More on Their Credit Cards This Holiday Season - Dec 13,2009

CardRatings.com--the most comprehensive free source for comparing credit card offers--recently conducted a poll asking consumers how much they plan to spend on their credit cards [...]

CardRatings.com Poll Finds One Third of Consumers Disagree with Law Restricting Credit to Students and Young Adults - Nov 01,2009

CardRatings.com -- the most comprehensive free source for comparing credit card offers -- recently conducted a poll asking consumers if they believe the new law [...]

CardRatings.com Poll Reveals Consumers Facing Credit Line Cuts - Sep 15,2009

CardRatings.com -- the most comprehensive free source for comparing credit card offers -- recently conducted a poll asking consumers if they've experienced a reduction in [...]

Cardratings.com Poll Finds Credit Card Act of 2009 Worries Consumers - Aug 18,2009

A recent poll conducted by CardRatings.com -- the most comprehensive free source for comparing credit card offers -- found that the soon-to-be enacted Credit Card [...]

Idiot's Guide Authors, Arnold and Harzog, Explain Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Lending - Aug 03,2009

Authors of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Person to Person Lending, Curtis Arnold and Beverly Harzog, discuss the recent come back of Prosper.com and what [...]

Credit Card Rates Hit 18-Month High, According to IndexCreditCards.com Survey - Jul 27,2009

According to IndexCreditCards.com's latest Credit Card Monitor survey, average credit card rates have jumped significantly again this month, with a current average rate on consumer [...]

Sammy Rabbit's National Rock, Read, and Save for College Tour to Rock Arkansas Schools - May 02,2009

Sammy Rabbit brings his national Rock, Read, and Save for College tour to Little Rock, Arkansas, for five days beginning May 4th through 8th thanks [...]

Recently Released Idiot's Guide Explores the World of Person-to-Person Lending - Apr 21,2009

Thanks to the economic crisis, individuals who need a loan - to buy a car, grow a small business, or put a child through college [...]

CardRatings.com Reports Credit Card Rate Increases Despite Prime Rate Cuts - Nov 11,2008

Data released by CardRatings.com indicates that while the Fed has been slashing short-term interest rates and the prime rate has dropped to 4 percent, credit [...]

Bill Mandating Personal Finance Passes LeadAR General Assembly - Sep 07,2008

Jessica Austin of LeadAR Class 13 wrote and proposed a legislative bill mandating personal financial education requirements in all public high schools in Arkansas that [...]

Wanted: Customers with Excellent Credit - Sep 07,2008

Credit Card Issuers Offering Rewards to "Star" Customers.(PRWeb September 08, 2008)Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008/09/prweb1293674.htm

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