I'm in the military. Are there any credit cards that give military personnel benefits?

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Yes. Because of your service to our country, you're entitled to special service, great rates, amnesty from some penalties, and other exclusive perks from specialized credit card issuers.

Your active duty status qualifies you for some compelling credit card deals. Some of these offers come from lenders who specialize in working with military families. Meanwhile, other lenders have ramped up military programs, often staffed with veterans and other professionals who understand your needs. Some of our favorite military credit card offers include:

  • PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express® Card. Pentagon Federal Credit Union has become one of the country's largest credit unions, based on a commitment to offering affordable, fair products to military families. Like PenFed's other credit cards, this one carries no foreign transaction fee and a low variable APR. This travel rewards card has no annual fee, yet offers substantial cash back rewards on airfare. This is a great card if you or your family have to take frequent international flights.
  • Navy Federal Visa Signature Flagship Rewards. Regardless of your exact branch of the military, the folks at Navy Federal want to offer you a card with Visa Signature perks. You'll get access to concierge teams who can help plan trips, schedule appointments, and manage day-to-day details of your family's life. You can easily cover this card's annual fee by taking advantage of rewards of up to 2 points on your everyday purchases.
  • Chase Military Star Rewards MasterCard. Chase's cash back rewards card for military service members includes 1 percent cash back on all purchases, with double cash back for purchases you make anywhere on your installation or with a AAFES merchant. Your card is covered with Blue Star. Get a refund 100 percent of your fees and finance charges incurred during your deployment with Blue Star. With no annual fee and no foreign transaction fee, this card offers a great way to build history with a national lender, even if you're spending most of your time overseas.

Whichever credit card issuer you choose, remember to register your immediate family members as authorized users, so they can take advantage of rebates and benefits while you're on active duty.


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