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Added July 8, 2011 from: Joe Taylor Jr.
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Answered By Joe Taylor Jr.:

Q: I'm traveling abroad to France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Which credit cards have no international fees?

A: Credit card issuers have turned foreign exchange fees into a battleground over affluent customers, so it's a good time to start shopping for airline credit cards and other feature accounts that let you travel without foreign transaction fees. A couple of our favorite offers include:

  • British Airways Visa Signature Card. Even though the U.K.'s not on your travel list, you might end up on one of BA's planes, or on a codeshare flight operated by one of their partners. Chase's new airline credit card with British Airways eliminates foreign transaction fees when you use your card on purchases made outside the United States and can help you earn miles for your next trip.
  • Any Capital One Card. For years, Capital One was the only major credit card company that did not charge foreign transaction fees. Grab their Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card to be spared foreign transaction fees while earning miles. I enjoy traveling with Capital One because I can get same-day posting for online payments, perfect if I'm in danger of exceeding my trip budget.

When visiting Europe, take only two or three credit cards with you. That way, a lost wallet won't mean canceling every credit and debit card in the world with your name on it. Pack cards from two different payment networks, like an American Express and a Visa. You're less likely to run into trouble when a merchant accepts just one.

Consider backing up your credit cards with a "chip and PIN" prepaid debit card, like the ones Travelex offers. Some retailers won't accept your American magnetic stripe cards, so keep your "chip and PIN" or some extra local currency handy in case of an emergency.

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