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Should you get a credit card after bankruptcy?
If you've recently had a bankruptcy discharged,
your mailbox may be filling with new credit
card offers. However, just because you can get
a credit card after bankruptcy, should you? ...
Exclusive, limited-time perks for cardholders
Check out these exciting sports, dining and
entertainment packages. ...
Deal of the Month: 18-month, zero-APR balance transfer from Citi Simplicity Visa
Want to combine all your debt and tackle one
balance? Consider the Citi Simplicity Visa Card
and its current balance-transfer offer.
How the Target data breach made me worst mom of the year
Were you and your family also affected by the
Target data breach? Here is how to be better
prepared for next time. ...
Are your credit card rewards points taxable?
The question of whether credit card rewards are
taxable has been the subject of much debate for
years. And what, you might ask, is the verdict?
Do we need to pay taxes on our reward points?
5 best low-interest credit cards
Even though many zero-percent-APR introductory
offers have been getting longer lately, a
low-interest credit card can help you prepare
for an unexpected expense.
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Credit Card Reviews

Latest Card Review - Barclaycard® Rewards MasterCard® - Average Credit
The next British invasion may hit your wallet instead of your music collection, with UK lending giant Barclays using its Barclaycard brand to make inr...
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Recent Credit Card Questions...
Q: I keep being denied a credit card so what do I do? I'm full-time college student and work one full-time job so I have income, but I need a credit card to build up my credit so I can buy a car.

Years ago, you wouldn't have been shocked to see first-year college students get starter credit cards just for setting foot in the nearest dining hall.

Q: If I stop paying my credit card, will the credit card company write off my balance?

Maybe, but there's no hard and fast rule about when or why a bank might "charge off" your credit card balance.

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Bank-issued rewards credit cards face off against co-branded cards

The Mercator Advisory Group recently issued an interesting report that took a look at the use of rewards credit cards in America. According to the research firm, co-branded rewards credit cards -- such as airline credit cards or gas cards -- tend to be preferred by consumers. What's more, the group discovered rewards cards in general ...


How to find the best credit card

Best Credit Card

There's no such thing as the perfect credit card. Instead, reviewing your credit history, finances and lifestyle will often help reveal the best credit card for you.

How's my credit?
Your credit score is key to getting the best credit card deals, but if you're just starting out or your credit report isn't so shiny, you might need a secured credit card can help you regain lenders' trust. Those in the fair to good category will likely find they can qualify for reasonable rates and basic rewards programs. With an excellent credit score, you have a veritable buffet of options. When shopping for a new credit card, ask yourself the following questions to help steer you towards your ideal piece of plastic.

Will I carry a balance or pay in full?
How you spend and save money can dictate the best credit card for your budget. Ask yourself if you will frequently need to carry a balance on the card. If you will need to carry a balance, look at low interest rate cards with no annual fee and a balance transfer offer that can help you pay down debt quickly. Low interest credit cards do not often come with a rewards program, but the interest you'll save is a much better value than most rewards.

If you use your card on a regular basis and plan to pay the balance in full each month, then a rewards card is an excellent way to gain some extra perks. Carrying over a balance on these cards isn’t ideal since the APR on reward credit cards is usually higher than average and easily negates any rewards earned.

Inventory your monthly spending to see if you'll benefit from the category-based bonuses now popular among many rewards credit cards. You'll earn the most rewards by concentrating your purchases onto just one or two credit cards. Only pay an annual fee if you're getting more value from a credit card than the amount it costs to maintain it.

Will I use those rewards?
If you travel often, airline credit cards and travel rewards cards can shave hundreds of dollars per year off the cost of airfare and hotel stays. Travel rewards cards offer some of the best deals, especially if you're flexible about your vacation plans. Airline credit cards offer some of the industry's biggest signup bonuses, usually doling out enough frequent flier miles for one or two round trips.

Or perhaps you'd get from the most from points that you can cash in for discounted meals and VIP culinary experiences at restaurants around the world. Other programs offer invitations to unique experiences or discounted shopping websites.

Or would I prefer cash back?
If you don't travel often or prefer cash to gifts, then perhaps a cash back card is right for you. Cash back credit cards take the hassle out of tracking and redeeming your rewards. Basic cash back programs are relatively low maintenance. In order to earn the largest rebates, however, many issuers feature a few categories for a certain time period that offer a larger rebate percentage. This usually requires signing up for the time frame and strategizing when to make certain purchases.

What extra perk will I use the most?
An affinity credit card can maximize your rewards when you build loyalty with a single merchant. Price assurance and purchase protection benefits let you stop worrying about whether you bought too soon or if you've got to buy a replacement. Travel rewards cards with free baggage allowances and airport lounge access can save you hundreds of dollars on a typical family outing. Frequent foreign travelers should look for cards with no foreign transaction fee, saving as much as 5 percent on every purchase. Don't underestimate the power of good customer service, especially among credit cards that include comprehensive concierge services.

Answering these questions alongside our comprehensive database of credit cards should help you achieve your goal of finding the credit card that can work best for you?


Credit Card Rates

April 16, 2014

Low Intro. Rate
0.2% Rates are Down by last week
Limited / No Credit
19.96% Rates are Up by last week
Low Ongoing Rate
14.68% Rates are Up by last week
Air Miles / Travel
16.62% Rates are Up by last week
Rewards Points
17.2% Rates are Up by last week
Cash Back
16.57% Rates are Up by last week
16.41% Rates are Up by last week
15.92% Rates are Up by last week

Credit Card Rates

Individual rates vary.

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