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Great rewards program? That business credit card might still not be right for you
Business credit cards often offer lucrative
rewards programs. But just because a card lets
you quickly build up miles for reward flights
or large cash-back bonuses doesn't mean it's
the right choice for you. Here's what you
should consider when choosing a business
rewards credit card.
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Latest Card Review - Barclaycard® Rewards MasterCard® - Average Credit
The next British invasion may hit your wallet instead of your music collection, with UK lending giant Barclays using its Barclaycard brand to make inr...
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Recent Credit Card Questions...
Q: I keep being denied a credit card so what do I do? I'm full-time college student and work one full-time job so I have income, but I need a credit card to build up my credit so I can buy a car.

Years ago, you wouldn't have been shocked to see first-year college students get starter credit cards just for setting foot in the nearest dining hall.

Q: If I stop paying my credit card, will the credit card company write off my balance?

Maybe, but there's no hard and fast rule about when or why a bank might "charge off" your credit card balance.

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Credit Card Rates

November 20, 2014

Low Intro. Rate
0.2% Rates are Down by last week
Limited / No Credit
19.96% Rates are Up by last week
Low Ongoing Rate
14.68% Rates are Up by last week
Air Miles / Travel
16.62% Rates are Up by last week
Rewards Points
17.2% Rates are Up by last week
Cash Back
16.57% Rates are Up by last week
16.41% Rates are Up by last week
15.92% Rates are Up by last week

Credit Card Rates

Individual rates vary.

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