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Best Credit Cards

  • Pumped up: Best credit cards for gas purchases

    According to data collected by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the typical American household spends close to $3,000 each year on gasoline. That's just under 4 percent of the average pretax household income. Fortunately, with the right gas rewards credit card, you can earn some of that back each year in rebates or statement credits. Retail-branded [...]

  • Best credit cards for college students

    Although we celebrate college life as a relatively safe place to survive poor decisions, a blemish on your credit history can actually cause more damage than a drunken, late night tattoo. That's because the relationship you build with banks during the first few years of your adult life directly impact the kinds of job offers you'll [...]

  • Best credit cards with no foreign transaction fees

    When credit cards emerged as a viable replacement for cash in the middle of the 20th century, travelers had already developed an elaborate ritual for overseas visits. If you planned ahead, you could order foreign notes from your bank. Otherwise, companies like American Express could issue travelers' checks in foreign currency. Last minute travelers often [...]

  • Best credit cards for summer vacation

    Although credit card companies jockey for position in the wallets of business travelers, summer vacation offers banks a chance to build new relationships with mainstream consumers. According to research from the U.S. Travel Association, more than three out of four domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes. In fact, the American vacation travel market often [...]

  • Best credit cards for cash-back rewards

    Cash-back credit cards are a valuable financial tool because they provide rebates on typical everyday purchases. The market's best cash-back cards offer higher-than-average rebate rates, relatively low annual fees, and easy redemption options. Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card Although this card's 1.5 percent cash back isn't the biggest of the bunch, Capital One's innovative Purchase [...]

  • Best credit cards for the annual fee

    Even though it sometimes sounds absurd to pay money for the privilege of borrowing money, a handful of major credit cards add enough value for cardholders to justify the cost of their annual membership fees. $: Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express In exchange for this card's modest annual fee, you'll earn Starpoints on eligible [...]

  • 5 best low-interest credit cards

    Even though many zero-percent-APR introductory offers have been getting longer lately, a low-interest credit card can help you prepare for an emergency expense or for a moment when you might not qualify to surf your balance interest-free. PenFed Promise Visa Card Although credit unions don't have to ramp up interest rates to please shareholders, very few of [...]

  • Editor's Choice Awards 2013: The year's best credit cards

    Competition has crept back into the credit card marketplace, with major brands squaring off against upstarts from unusual places. This year, banks and payment platforms worked even harder to give consumers reasons to remain loyal to their brands.

  • Best rewards credit cards for holiday shopping

    Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, these holiday offers expired and are no longer available. Black Friday deals might not be enough to capture the hearts (and wallets) of rewards credit card holders this year, according to new research from Capital One. During the bank's recent Rewards Barometer survey of more than 1,000 consumers with [...]

  • Best credit cards for luxury perks

    Luxury credit cards offer a fast track to elite status, especially for professionals who can funnel both household purchases and reimbursable business expenses through a single account. Living the high life doesn't have to mean shelling out top dollar on travel, though. With excellent credit and the ability to push thousands of dollars in transactions [...]

  • CardRatings.com's Hall of Shame: Worst credit cards of 2012

    This year's editor's choice awards illustrated so much of the positive change sweeping the personal finance business. With banks competing on price and service, consumers enjoy access to affordable, useful tools to manage their credit and make secure shopping decisions. Still, a handful of companies keep trying to cash in on your worst fears about [...]

  • Deck the malls: The 4 best credit cards for holiday shopping

    Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, these offers have expired and are no longer available. It seems like big box stores start leaking their Black Friday sale flyers around the same time they discount leftover Halloween candy. That gives you a few weeks to work out a strategy for financing your holiday purchases. These four [...]

  • Best credit cards to survive the zombie apocalypse

    Zombies have haunted our nightmares for centuries. But now, we're embracing zombies in everyday culture. Shows like "The Walking Dead" and books such as "World War Z" have driven popular culture into zombie overdrive. Athletes bored with timed competition can even enter "zombie runs" where you either beat your personal best or get turned into [...]

  • Sweet dreams: best credit cards for hotel rewards

    If you're a casual traveler, signing up for a hotel credit card can qualify you for upgrades and special perks usually reserved for touring rock stars. Frequent guests can cover the costs of personal trips to the kinds of resorts not usually covered under corporate travel policies. Our list of this season's best hotel credit [...]

  • 5 best cards for newly minted alumni

    Choose a credit card issuer that you think you'll want to do business with for years. Most lenders offer versions of their most popular credit cards with relaxed underwriting guidelines (and smaller credit limits) just for students and recent graduates. Your student credit card won't expire once you hang your diploma, either. By keeping your card [...]

  • Best credit cards for going green

    When Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson envisioned the first Earth Day in 1970, environmental activists achieved more than they could have imagined. The years that followed saw the launch of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Since then, companies have worked harder to balance business demands and environmental protection [...]

  • A Card Day's Night

    Fifty years ago, the Beatles signed their record deal with EMI, found a new drummer, and started recording their classic songs. In September 1962, with no clue about the fortunes they'd amass as one of the world's biggest rock and roll acts, the Fab Four had to borrow money from manager Brian Epstein for airfare [...]

  • Best credit cards after bankruptcy

    More than 1.4 million Americans claimed bankruptcy during the preceding year as of September 2011 (the latest statistics available), punctuating the frustration many Americans felt at the height of the economic crisis. Filing for bankruptcy protection under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 requires overcoming extreme emotions. We fear the social stigma of being classified [...]

  • Best credit cards for traveling abroad

    An estimated 58.5 million Americans traveled overseas in 2011, according to the International Trade Administration. That's a 3 percent increase from the year before, signaling that our wanderlust and our love of travel bargains has inspired us to start globetrotting again. To help you get ready for your next adventure outside the United States, we [...]

  • Best credit cards for spring break road trips

    Whether you're celebrating spring break as an actual student, or you're young in spirit, we can suggest six of the best credit cards to help keep you from losing your shirt. At least, a shirt you don't want to lose… Best credit card for spreading out spring break travel costs If you've already splurged on airfare and [...]

  • Rebuilding credit with the best credit cards

    According to federal court records, Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings outnumbered Chapter 13 filings more than two to one during 2011. Home foreclosures and insurmountable medical bills topped the reasons why many Americans are seeking this last resort for debt relief. Even if you've been dutifully paying your credit card bills every month for years, defaulting [...]

  • Best credit cards for Valentine's Day

    Even though it falls on the same date every year, Valentine's Day still takes many of us by surprise. If you're in a new relationship, you're trying to figure out how far you can go with gifts, flowers and dinner on the town. And if you've been with the same partner for years, you're probably [...]

  • CardRatings Hall of Shame: Worst credit cards of 2011

    Editor's Note: The CardRatings.com team of credit card experts picked the worst credit cards of 2011 based on their terms, fees and overall value to consumers. CardRatings.com was recently ranked the No. 1 credit card comparison site in Bing Editor's Picks. While we prefer to focus on the best credit card deals on the market, it's [...]

  • Best credit cards to recover from holiday debt

    You're probably wondering how hard you'll have to work out over the next few weeks to make up for the extra treats you enjoyed during the holidays. And if you're feeling tight at the waist, chances are you're feeling a pinch in the wallet, too. Surveys from the American Research Group and the American Retail Federation [...]

  • 2011 Editor's Choice Awards, Part 2

    Editor's Note: The CardRatings team of credit card experts picked the best credit cards of 2011 based on their features, perks and overall value to consumers. CardRatings.com was recently ranked the No. 1 credit card comparison site in Bing Editor's Picks. Our evolving economy has forced many of us to rethink our relationship with credit. Former [...]

  • 2011 Editor's Choice Awards, Part 1

    Editor's Note: The CardRatings team of credit card experts picked the best credit cards of 2011 based on their features, perks and overall value to consumers. CardRatings.com was recently ranked the No. 1 credit card comparison site in Bing Editor's Picks. If you've got a high credit score and a solid income, expect major banks to [...]

  • Best credit cards if your credit is in the doghouse

    As the fallout from the 2008 financial crisis spread to credit card issuers in 2010, as many as 11 in 100 credit card accounts fell so far behind that banks charged them off as noncollectable. Though that ratio has dropped by half since then, you may be one of the many consumers who now face [...]

  • Credit card dilemma: Which card is best?

    With hundreds of credit cards available, choosing the best one can be mind-boggling. Do you want cash back? Do you want airline miles? Do you want points when you shop? So many decisions!When it comes to choosing the best credit cards, it pays to be proactive rather than reactive. Credit card offers through the mail [...]

  • Signing bonus: 2 top credit card deals

    The best credit card signup bonuses have become lenders' weapons of choice in the battle for consumers with high FICO scores. Having recapitalized after 2008's financial crisis, banks now face pressure to lend that cash to borrowers with good or excellent credit scores. Banks especially like recruiting accounts: customers who pay down balances often, keeping lenders' [...]

  • Best credit cards for back-to-school expenses

    With nearly 20 million American students heading for college and another 55 million kids in K-12 schools, parents often have to scramble for the extra cash necessary to buy books, clothing, backpacks, shoes, and everything else today's students need to succeed in the classroom. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, American shoppers spent $7.4 billion in [...]

  • Best credit cards for job seekers

    Even as economists debate whether the U.S. could experience a double-dip recession, unemployed and underemployed Americans agree on one thing: looking for work can get expensive. Fortunately, the best credit cards offer ways that you can actually save money during your job hunt, as long as you use them responsibly. Best credit card for the all-important [...]

  • See grandkids, or the Grand Prix! Best credit cards for retirees

    Ah, retirement. Time to trade the jacket and tie or laptop-sized shoulder bag for new life goals, with a healthy dose of relaxation and maybe a little travel. You're looking at a lot of changes in your future--new schedule, new hobbies, and changes in how you save and spend. It's a good time to compare [...]

  • Best credit card deals for summer road trips

    Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, these offers have expired and are no longer available. It's happened to all of us: You drive by your neighborhood gas station, take a cursory glance at the prices, swerving slightly as you do a double take. Then you spend the next 10 miles cursing the high prices that [...]

  • Six best credit cards for Mom (or Mr. Mom)

    $222,360. That's what the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates it costs to raise a typical American child from birth to age 18. Now imagine getting, say, 2 percent of that amount back in the form of credit card rebates. That's about $4,500 that you could save or earn by switching your everyday spending to one [...]

  • Just married: Best credit card deals for newlyweds

    You've shaken the rice out of your shoes and you know that one set of tough decisions is behind you: where to marry, where to honeymoon, who's really the best man. Now wedding decisions give way to newlywed choices--less fun but no less important. One easy choice could save you money and better secure your [...]

  • Best credit cards for new college grads

    Getting a credit card the day you arrive on campus used to be the start of college life. Recent changes to banking regulations, however, have made it more challenging for college students to get credit cards before they turn 21. Consequently, many college students now start shopping for credit cards as they're preparing to pick up [...]

  • Find the best credit card: It's easy when you know how to read the fine print

    Credit cards make big promises - cash back, free vacations, zero interest and more. However, if you are not reading the fine print, you might find that you get more than you bargained, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report. The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 made changes to how credit [...]

  • 5 smart reasons your best card isn't your debit card

    Will that be credit or debit? Don't bother with such platitudes as, "whatever is easiest for you." Rather than handing over your ATM card, you're smarter to use your credit card. Here are five reasons why: You need credit anyway. If you're planning on a big ticket purchase--like a house--at some point in your life, you can [...]

  • Charge up the best credit cards for international travel

    What is the best credit card to have for international travel? A comparison of the best travel credit cards should include not only a look at the fees for transactions, but also the surcharges for currency conversion. Then there is the question of credit versus debit: Which card is the better choice for overseas travel? Best [...]

  • Consumer's Choice Awards: Best Credit Card Offers of 2010

    American consumers have spoken! They really like some credit cards. From September through December, CardRatings.com asked readers to choose their favorite credit cards or issuer in five key areas. After tallying hundreds of responses, we present the CardRatings Consumer’s Choice Awards for the Best Credit Cards of 2010.   Best Cash Back Credit Card: Winner: Blue Cash from American [...]

  • Editor's Choice Awards: Best Credit Cards of 2010, Part 2

    The second half of this year's Editor's Choice awards continues to spotlight credit cards and banks that bucked a trend toward fewer rewards and higher fees while offering enticing added value for cardholders. Best Reward Point Credit Cards   Chase Sapphire Unless you never watch television and you didn't go to the movies in 2010, you've probably seen ads [...]

  • Editor's Choice Awards: Best Credit Card Deals of 2010, Part 1

    In 2010, the credit card industry bounced back from the effects of a nationwide recession, a slew of new federal regulations, and a sense of discontent among consumers who paid down balances faster than ever. A handful of credit cards led the charge to bring value, service, and convenience back to Americans: Best Cash-back Credit Cards [...]

  • Love your credit card? Vote for it!

    You hear people complaining about credit cards all the time. But with more than a billion credit cards issued around the world, there must be something consumers like about them. We at CardRatings want to know which cards you like for cash-back, airline rewards, points rewards, best value and best customer service. Take this quick survey and we'll share [...]

  • 8 Most Deceptive Terms Used in Credit Card Offers

    We may live in a high-tech world where email rules, but credit card issuers are still sending out card offers the old-fashioned way. Let's take a look at some of the more deceptive terms you might see inside of--and even on--the envelopes you find in your mail box. #1: 0% APR This is often accompanied by "Our [...]

  • Til Debt Do Us Part: The Top 6 Financial Issues Couples Lie About

    Teresa Giudice's antics as one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey captured the attention of Bravo television viewers. But she's becoming well known for the financial crisis she now faces after her husband hid millions of dollars in debt. Giudice told hosts of The View that she thought she was spending within her means. [...]

  • Best Airline Credit Card Reviews - 2010 Edition

    If you're a frequent flyer, make your air travel pay off by using a credit card with a robust travel rewards program. These cards are best for those who have at least good credit and don't carry a balance because the APRs on some airline cards tend to be a little higher. Here's a review [...]

  • Editor's Choice Awards: Best Credit Cards of 2009, Part 2

    As our "year-end" highlights list moves into the new year, we spotlight credit cards that caught our attention in 2009 that also look to make a major impact in your spending habits during 2010.Best Reward Points Cards 2009 may have felt like the swan song for reward credit cards, with many banks pulling back on perks to [...]

  • Editor's Choice Awards: Best Credit Cards of 2009, Part I

    Hundreds of new credit card products launch every year, taking their place alongside trusted veterans. Only a handful of cards made our list of the very best credit cards of 2009. Best Cashback Credit Cards of 2009: In a year when banks pulled out all the stops to preserve profit margins, cash back and reward cards took some [...]