How do Chase credit cards compare with other cards with regards to fees, rewards, and miles programs?

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Chase has built one of the strongest rewards credit card portfolios in the banking business, but the more perks you enjoy, the more you might pay.

Chase offers dozens of credit cards connected to marketing partners including airlines, hotels, retailers and even the AARP. BankOne helped pioneer the practice of putting another brand in the spotlight, and company leaders refined the strategy once they merged that institution with Chase. During the financial crisis, Chase absorbed accounts from Washington Mutual, which had itself just finished its acquisition of Providian's credit cards for bad credit. By 2010, Chase streamlined their credit card portfolio, setting many of today's new standards for fees and rewards in the process.

Chase credit card fees

Chase's fees run the gamut from no fees at all for its "plain vanilla" credit cards, to some significant fees for its most elite accounts. As your fees go up, so does your access to services and perks. Likewise, interest rates tend to increase along with rewards.

Ultimate Rewards program

Chase's clever product managers have consolidated most of their credit card rewards programs into a single platform, called Ultimate Rewards. Nearly every Chase rewards credit card uses Ultimate Rewards points as a currency, with elite cards earning multiple points per dollar compared to entry-level cards.

Frequent flier rewards credit cards

Chase also operates airline credit cards and hotel credit cards on behalf of major brands like British Airways, Hyatt, Southwest, United and Marriott. Each one of those programs relies on its partner's own loyalty rewards points. However, any Chase Ultimate Rewards card will let you convert rewards points into frequent flier miles on the partner airline of your choice. If you keep an eye on our credit card database, you'll find out about bonus offers that can make Chase credit cards a bargain worth a closer look.


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