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General Credit Card Tips

  • Christmas in July: Five financial to-dos to make your holiday season merrier

    It's hot. The laundry room is filled with towels from afternoons at the pool. My current goal is to see how many meals I can cook on the grill and not turn on the oven. And my days are filled with trying to stay in our air-conditioned home as much as possible and entertain children [...]

  • 5 tips for a debt-free prom

    The list of prom essentials seems endless -- young ladies need the perfect dress, a glamorous hairdo, flawless makeup, matching shoes and evening bag. Young men need a suit, shoes and a corsage for their date. Don't forget about prom tickets, dinner and transportation to the dance. According to a recent study by Visa, the [...]

  • 5 ways to earn that credit card sign-up bonus

    If you've never had your own rewards credit card, chances are that you might be missing out. That's because, as Lauren Gensler recently pointed out in Forbes, some of the biggest banks around are trying to build their credit card customer base by reaching out to their own customers. To make the sale, writes Gensler, [...]

  • Clever wallets for stashing your cash

    Wallets have always been an easy way to show off fashion sense and number of credit cards (or lack thereof). However, wallets themselves are increasingly important multi-functional accessories. As wallets are developed that fulfill a variety of needs and even incorporate useful technologies, and as the holidays approach, they can make unique and personalized gift [...]

  • Need a frugal vacation? Don't forget credit card perks

    After returning from a relaxing 12-day trip to Hawaii, I unpacked my suitcase and sorted through vacation photos. You know what I didn't do? Nervously wait for the credit card bills to arrive. Using reward points and some creative thinking, we spent less than $2,500 on our trip for four to Kauai and Oahu. Throughout [...]

  • 5 ways to use credit cards to avoid the holiday rush

    While Christmas may seem months away, holiday songs will be playing on the radio and the malls will be transformed with decorations before you know it. Start researching and shopping for holiday gifts now and you can take full advantage of your credit card's perks. Here are five tips to help you avoid the holiday rush [...]

  • 6 secrets to managing multiple credit cards

    For Louis DeNicola, it started in college with a student Visa credit card. That was followed by two store cards. Then came the realization that credit card rewards points could hold the key to free travel. One free flight to Europe and a couple free hotel stays later, the New York City resident was hooked. Today, [...]

  • Before picking up the phone to ask for a credit limit increase...

    Some people assume that a credit limit increase will hurt their credit score. Some people only request an increase when they have charged up to their limit, while others will contact their credit card company for an increase without giving it a second thought. There are many misconceptions about the reasons to ask for a [...]

  • Can your credit card save you in an emergency?

    Can your credit card be a financial lifesaver? You bet. In fact, there are myriad situations where your plastic can bail you out. Whether it's using a card to pay for car repairs when out of town, or saving you from onerous merchandise warranty fees, your credit card can fix a financial problem -- and fast [...]

  • 9 stupid things you're doing with your credit card

    You've got a low-interest rate credit card, pay at least your minimum due, and you've never left your credit card sitting in an unlocked car. So, you're covered, right? Wrong. Even the smartest among us are guilty of some of these common credit card mistakes. Improve your credit card IQ by avoiding these common mistakes. 1. [...]

  • Your pre-vacation credit card checklist

    As you plan your summer vacation, you most likely check out reviews of restaurants near your hotel, print out your confirmation information and make sure that everything you will need for your trip is packed in your suitcase. A little bit of planning will go a long way to ensuring a more enjoyable trip with [...]

  • Automatic payments: Time saver or finance wrecker?

    Paying bills is a task that most people dread. With many companies, such as utilities and cell phone companies offering a monthly automatic credit card billing option, it can be tempting to sign up for this service. But while we are all looking to save time and hassle, is this actually a smart financial move? Bigger [...]

  • Don’t let your credit become a Greek tragedy

    The ancient Greek tales of misfortune would have us believe that angering the gods might be the cause of all our financial woes. However, these hubristic scenarios aren’t the plots of Greek tragedies; they’re common problems with credit card debt that plague many Americans. Discover how our heroes might overcome their financial fate and learn something from [...]

  • Using Square Wallet: Mobile wallets that stay in your back pocket

    I'm often the annoying person in the checkout line who spends four minutes digging out her credit card to pay for a $1.79 soda. So when I heard that the Square Wallet app would allow me to use my smart phone to pay for purchases, I was eager to give it a try and hopefully [...]

  • Put away the plastic: 10 things credit cards can't buy

    Apparently, money can't buy happiness, and if you are using a credit card, that's not the only thing your money won't be able to buy. Despite the belief credit cards can take you 'everywhere you want to be' - as the old Visa slogan went - the reality is there some places where your plastic [...]

  • Presidential plastic: Which credit cards do they carry?

    In case you hadn't noticed, there's a presidential election right around the corner and there's some lively discussion on a host of issues. Voters are inundated with information about the candidates, their families, personal spending records, and little things like unemployment, oil dependency and foreign policy. At CardRatings.com, we decided to take a look at [...]

  • Good-bye plastic, hello phone: Mobile wallets on the rise

    Forget about what's in your wallet. The real question is: will you even need a wallet? The latest trend in credit card payment technology is the use of mobile wallets. This innovation eliminates the plastic and turns your phone into a digital payment portal. From MasterCard to PayPal, major payment processors are jumping on the bandwagon [...]

  • You've got a green light for car rental coverage

    Rent a car and one of the first questions the agent will ask is whether you want to purchase insurance coverage. If you own one of the several credit cards on the market that offer auto insurance coverage as a perk, you may want to decline this additional expense at the rental checkout counter. Insurance perks "It's [...]

  • Retail rejection: Top six reasons your credit card was declined

    There are few things in life more embarrassing than having your credit card declined, especially if you're attempting to make a purchase while you have people with you ("Hey, boss! I'll get the check!" Oops…). But before you slink away in shame, consider that there are a number of reasons your card could be declined, [...]

  • Is it time to upgrade your credit card?

    High interest rates and limited rewards got you down? If you aren't pleased with your current credit card, you don't have to go to the trouble of applying for a whole new account. A credit card upgrade may be all you need. "I upgraded my Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express to a Delta [...]

  • 7 mistakes your credit card company wants you to make

    You were saving those airline credit card miles for your dream vacation. Finally, you accumulated enough and go online to reserve your flight only to get bad news. Your miles have expired. They are no longer good. It's a mistake that even John Ulzheimer, president of consumer education for SmartCredit.com, has made, to his utter dismay. The [...]

  • 7 worst credit card habits

    Likely you've done it -- lost your credit card bill under a pile of papers and by the time the bill surfaces, it's past due. Guess what: You've just committed one of the seven deadly sins of credit card use - and the costs will add up. Yes, the best credit cards are a convenient way [...]

  • Should you pay taxes with your credit card?

    If you're paying income tax to the IRS this year, you have several ways to pony up, including cash, personal check and your favorite credit card. While there are positives to paying taxes with plastic, the experts we talked with say there are at least as many negatives. Rewards points and convenience are two reasons for [...]

  • Are we using credit more but enjoying it less?

    If you can see yourself hanging out with the well-heeled couple in those Chase Sapphire commercials, you probably made it through the recession relatively unscathed. Not everyone's feeling so fortunate, though. According to a joint poll run by MSN Money and CardRatings.com, nearly three in four Americans report having frozen or cut back their use of [...]

  • How to master credit card roulette

    Many credit card articles are about the importance of using a credit card responsibly.  This one isn't one of those. Credit card roulette is a game, but it's definitely not for kids. Or people who are cash poor. Or people with a nervous constitution. If you think "credit card roulette" means deciding which of your credit card [...]

  • 10 best credit card commercials

    Even though millions of consumers take the time to compare credit card offers online every month, television advertising still plays a key role in helping us decide which brands we trust and what cards to avoid. According to trade publication Advertising Age, lenders have stormed back into Americans' living rooms with sharp ads and big budgets. [...]

  • Best credit cards for Valentine's Day

    Even though it falls on the same date every year, Valentine's Day still takes many of us by surprise. If you're in a new relationship, you're trying to figure out how far you can go with gifts, flowers and dinner on the town. And if you've been with the same partner for years, you're probably [...]

  • 5 financial Band-Aids that can make the bleeding worse

    You've resolved to improve your financial situation this year. Maybe you want to pay off a loan, knock off some credit card debt or boost your credit score. Way to go! As you set out to accomplish your goal, beware and avoid options that seem like quick fixes. Often, they only help at the surface temporarily, [...]

  • What's new for credit cards in 2012

    As the credit card offers fill your mailbox and you see more TV ads for credit cards, you may think that the credit card issuers are looking for new customers. And you're right. If 2011 wasn't your year for credit, 2012 might be better. We talked to credit card experts to find out what consumers can [...]

  • The 12 days of...credit cards?

    Despite an inexplicable drop in the price of four calling birds, PNC Wealth Management estimates the cost of all the gifts in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" at a cool $101,119.84. Following the song to the letter means delivering 364 gifts to your true love this month. If you're going to charge all of those [...]

  • 5 holiday spending traps to avoid

    We want to make the holidays special for our loved ones. And when advertised deals are calling your name and seasonal ambience is enveloping you, it's easy to get enraptured by the holiday spirit, succumb to the offers and spend, spend, spend. "And then you get the hangover," says Julie Mayfield, author of the personal finance [...]

  • Holiday spending without the hangover

    With the days of easy credit long gone and the economy still in weak recovery, more holiday shoppers plan to pay cash for their purchases this year, according to the results of a recent poll by CardRatings.com and MSN. And credit cards easily surpassed debit cards, suggesting that more consumers are taking advantage of the [...]

  • 4 credit cards that help you control holiday spending

    Although many people want to reduce debt and better manage their finances, Americans aren't quite ready to give up their love affair with credit cards – particularly during the holiday season. Fortunately, using a credit card doesn't always mean you have to go into debt. For starters, you can charge only what you can afford to [...]

  • Just say no: 3 unnecessary credit card benefits

    If you buy a bag of corn chips at the grocery, you're probably also getting a container of salsa. If you purchase an iPod, you'll probably want earbuds with it or some apps. Some products, like digital cameras (batteries) and reading lamps (light bulbs), virtually demand that you purchase an add-on. It's a longer leap of [...]

  • Credit cards with chips: Are the urban legends true?

    New technology usually comes with its share of consumer concerns. It's no surprise that urban legends and myths have proliferated about the new EMV chip credit cards. Here are a few of the most common, along with our expert opinion as to their veracity: PINs don't matter. True. Researchers from the University of Cambridge discovered that a fraudster [...]

  • Your next credit card may change the way you shop

    If you've recently traveled to Europe, or if you live in a popular tourist area in the United States, you may have noticed a new kind of credit card terminal at checkout counters. These devices combine the familiar magnetic stripe reader with up to two new sensors: a slot for credit cards with exposed "EMV [...]

  • 3 credit card nightmares to avoid

    What's the scariest thing in your wallet? It might be your credit card – and not just on Halloween. Frightening offers, terrifying terms and petrifying practices still exist in the world of plastic. See what you need to beware of. Bad deals for bad credit  If anyone needs a break, it's somebody who has had financial trouble. [...]

  • Poll: the 4 smartest credit card moves

    What's the smartest credit card move you've ever made? CardRatings.com asked that very question in a recent poll in the weeks leading up to the American Bankers Association's annual "Get Smart About Credit Day," set for Oct. 20, 2011. The ABA's nationwide campaign aims to educate young people about sound credit card use. The poll first appeared [...]

  • 3 ways Steve Jobs transformed the credit card industry

    Steve Jobs transformed the credit card industry. That's my argument, and I'm going to stick with it. True, if you look hard enough, and judging from all of the tweets, Facebook status updates, trade magazine articles, newspaper stories and television pieces in the last 48 hours, you could probably reasonably make the argument that the [...]

  • 7 credit card perks nobody knows about

    Unless you are intimately familiar with the fine print in your credit card agreement, you might not realize that your favorite credit card can save you more money than you might have thought when you shop online, rent cars, travel abroad, or attend popular sporting events. Credit card companies often compete with claims of low interest [...]

  • Shaky job? 7 ways to manage your credit

    Credit cards are never more dangerous than when you're unemployed. Of course, if you're underemployed, they're rather dicey as well. If you don't dread carrying credit card debt and being unemployed, you can always ask someone who's part of the 9.1 percent of the labor force that's out of work. It's simple math. When your income [...]

  • Credit cards and celebrity pitches: Who should be the next star?

    Credit cards attract star power, just like any other product. Morgan Freeman has narrated many a Visa ad. David Spade has appeared in a few zany Capital One ads. NFL great Peyton Manning starred in some MasterCard commercials. And, of course, American Express has turned the celebrity endorsement into something of an art form. Anyone over a [...]

  • 10 credit card payment apps for small business

    No cash? No problem. As credit card processing services reinvent themselves for the mobile era, there's now an app for that. Credit card payment apps transform any mobile device into a cash register and credit card terminal in one. Swipe-and-charge simplicity brings mobile sales to the masses. Traveling sales representatives, small-business owners and even yard-sale bargainers [...]

  • Is a zero balance on a credit card bad?

    There's a myth that carrying a balance on your credit cards will help your credit score. Of the Americans who use credit cards, half (about 54 percent) pay their balances in full every month, according to the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances. But can this practice help or hurt your credit history? In fact, it [...]

  • Should you "friend" your credit card?

    You might not think twice about "friending" your BFF from high school or "following" your favorite movie star. But "liking" your credit card company? Feelings aside, connecting with credit card companies on Facebook or Twitter could garner you some big rewards. You could win free airline miles, pocket cash-back rewards, receive discounts on merchandise, or land [...]

  • Will a little white lie hurt your credit application?

    If you're tempted to fib about your income on a credit card application so you can get the best rewards credit card available, well, think again. That little white lie could put you in the slammer. Credit card issuers care…about your income Prodded by federal regulations and mauled by a tough economy, banks and other credit card issuers [...]

  • Inside the life of Centurion cardholder Taysha Valez

    No. 3 Most-Viewed CardRatings.com Article of 2011* You probably think the holders of the very best credit cards, such as the American Express Centurion (the "black card"), are all celebrities. But that may not be the typical Centurion member. Perhaps a better example is Taysha Valez, the 29-year-old founder of myTAY PCS, a mobile phone and Internet [...]

  • Inside the world of Centurion cardholder Don Sabatini

    Rumors and speculation abound when it comes to the very best credit cards such as the infamous, invitation-only American Express Centurion card, also called the "black card." How do you get invited? Who has one? We contacted 29-year-old entrepreneur Don Sabatini, founder and chairman of SecretEntourage.com and a Centurion member, to get the truth about the [...]

  • How can I raise MY debt ceiling?

    Do you have the best credit card you can qualify for? Maybe you did when you applied for your current card, but by now you may have improved your credit score or increased your income, and you think you deserve some extra headroom when it comes to making purchases. Or perhaps you have plans for [...]

  • Charging for charity: Credit card issuers give back

    Credit card companies have been playing "the heavy" for the last few years, and it's easy to understand why. As many consumers emerge from years of big debt accumulated on plastic, they point the finger back at financial-services providers, just like pod person Donald Sutherland fingering Veronica Cartwright at the end of the 1978 "Invasion of [...]

  • Travel disaster protection? Your credit card

    Safety in numbers, we're always taught. It's smarter to go out late at night with someone accompanying you than to make your way alone, and those who hike in the rugged wilderness without a companion could wind up like that guy in "127 Hours." Some personal finance and travel experts offer a similar take on [...]

  • Uncle Sam's got your back: 7 sites for credit card help

    With all of the new laws and revised regulations affecting credit cards, you need a guide to help you understand what's changed. And what better resource than the federal government that oversees the new rules. You can get answers to questions, tips on paying down debt, and an explanation of your legal rights on the websites [...]

  • 8 unexpected places to use your credit card

    When the weekend comes and you're shopping in town, poking around a flea market or going to church, you used to need cash. At the flea or farmers' market you had to hit up the on-site ATM (and pay those exorbitant service fees) or miss out on a cool find if the vendor wouldn't accept [...]

  • Flashy plastic: 5 celebrity prepaid and credit cards

    The demise of the controversial Kardashian Kard doesn’t mean celebrity-endorsed prepaid and credit cards are gone. The Kardashian Kard made its debut on Nov. 6 and was gone by Nov. 29. Media uproar over the fees charged for the prepaid MasterCard had the celebrity sisters fleeing the deal to preserve their image. Now the Kardashians are [...]

  • Credit card ripoffs to avoid in 2011

    While "waiting for the system" to confirm a new credit card account, the customer service representative on the other end of the telephone line often rattles off a series of special offers. In many cases, the rep will use such phrases as "at no risk to you" to get you to buy what they are [...]

  • Using your credit card to plan an extraordinary day for love

    Do you have the vision of sweeping your partner off his or her feet with an elaborate Valentine's Day plan? One CardRatings.com reader had an opulent scheme for asking the love of his life to marry him. "We would travel by train throughout Italy, where I would wait for a perfect Italian sunset to drop to [...]

  • Credit Card Company Secrets: 5 Things "They" Don't Want You to Know

    No. 1 Most-Viewed CardRatings.com Article of 2011* It's hard to believe, but sometimes credit card issuers don't have your best interests at heart. There are a few things, in particular, that would really help you save money on your credit cards. If you were aware of them, that is. So here's a top five list of things [...]

  • Get your credit cards in order for 2011

    For most of us, flipping the calendar to a new year means thinking about taxes. While you're waiting for your W-2 to arrive in the mail, consider using the next few weeks to map out your credit card strategy for 2011. This could be the year you turn your credit cards into [...]

  • What's in store for credit cards in 2011?

    On the heels of the CARD Act implementation in 2010, cardholders using more debit than credit cards, and the Federal Reserve recommending a cap on debit card fees issuers can charge merchants, the world of plastic has been kicked around over the past several years. To see what might be in store in 2011, we asked [...]

  • Credit card companies work with customers to help charties and social causes

    Credit card companies take a fair share of abuse about interest rates and hidden transaction fees, but an increasing number of companies are committed to helping charities by making it easier for customers to donate. Customer loyalty via charity It's not all altruistic, of course. Capital One, which routinely waives transaction fees for donations, admits it hopes [...]

  • Top 5 signs you need a new credit card

    Life changes. It happens whether we like it to or not. And when changes occur, we often develop new credit card needs. Sometimes the signs that you need a new card are subtle. But sometimes they smack you right in the face. If you experience any of the following, maybe it's time for you and your [...]

  • 5 credit card traps that can ruin your retirement

    Your golden years should be filled with things you've always dreamed about. Maybe it's a cruise to the Mediterranean with your significant other. Or maybe you're just looking forward to having the time to attend your grandson's baseball games. These dreams can quickly turn into nightmares if you aren't careful about the way you handle credit [...]

  • Money and Happiness: Personal Finance Tips From a Hot New Book

    I recently visited with J.D. Roth, founder of GetRichSlowly.org, to talk about his new book, Your Money: The Missing Manual (O��Reilly Media, 2010). If you��re struggling with financial issues, this book might be just what you need.  Q: You write a lot about money and happiness in your book. Can you explain why you think it��s [...]

  • Are You and Your Spouse Credit Card Compatible? Take Our Quiz and Find Out

    Whether you��re planning a wedding or celebrating your anniversary, you know that compatibility is one of the keys to marital bliss. But many couples forget to make sure that they��re also financially compatible, especially when it comes to credit cards. Greg and Jessica of Fort Smith, Arkansas didn��t make that mistake. They��re planning to be married [...]

  • How to Make Your Credit Cards Pay for Your Honeymoon

    If you're like most American newlyweds, you'll probably budget at least $5,000 for your honeymoon. With some skill and flexibility, most of that won't have to be your own money. "Travel hacking" your honeymoon has become easier than ever, thanks to eager credit card companies and information you can look up for free online. Use [...]

  • Why Lack of Financial Literacy is Crippling Consumers, Part 4 - Essential Terms for Life Insurance

    Editor's Note:  This article is a guest post from Amy Danise, Senior Managing Editor of Insure.com. It is the fourth in a four-part series on financial literacy. If you're healthy, you'll likely receive good life insurance quotes for your age and sail through the buying process. But life insurance shoppers with a less-than-ideal medical history should have a good [...]

  • Why Lack of Financial Literacy is Crippling Consumers, Part 3 - Tracking Mortgage Rates

    Editor's Note:  This article is a guest post from Keith T. Gumbinger, Vice President at HSH Associates, Financial Publishers. It is the third in a four-part series on financial literacy. Perhaps the most frequently asked question we field at HSH.com is, "Where are mortgage rates today--and where are they headed?" It's a simple enough question, but there isn't a [...]

  • Why Lack of Financial Literacy is Crippling Consumers, Part 2 - Choosing a Bank Account

    Editor's Note:  This article is a guest post from Richard Barrington, personal finance expert at MoneyRates.com. It is the second in a four-part series on financial literacy. Whether you've had a bank account for years or are looking to start your first account, understanding how bank deposit products work can help protect you from potential problems and earn [...]

  • Why Lack of Financial Literacy is Crippling Consumers, and What You Can Do About It - Part 1

    April is National Financial Literacy Month, and it's the perfect time to make a commitment to learning more about your personal finances. Unlike with National Chocolate Custard Month and National Roller Skating Month, paying attention to this national commemorative month can truly mean a higher quality of life (not that we're knocking chocolate custard or [...]

  • Credit Union Credit Cards: The Bad, the Good, and the Excellent

    There are numerous options when it comes to credit cards, including Credit Unions. While Credit Union credit cards aren't an option for everyone, there are some great upsides that you might not be aware of. Here are a few of the perks: Excellent customer service. Why is customer service at credit unions generally superior to banks? Because [...]

  • Been Rate Jacked? 3 Ways to Stand Up to Your Double Crossing Credit Card Issuer

    Credit card rate hikes have become a popular strategy for lenders who want to purge their portfolios of less profitable accounts. New federal credit card regulations give consumers the power to reject a credit card rate increase, but only at the expense of an active credit line. "Freezing" a credit line to lock in favorable [...]

  • Are you in a money fog? The psychology of money and credit cards.

    Karen McCall is a nationally recognized consultant, trainer, and speaker on effective money management and its role in overall financial and emotional stability. She is also founder and owner of the Financial Recovery Institutesm. Karen was recently approached regarding how psychology and consumer attitudes affect our use of credit cards. Can you elaborate on how psychology [...]

  • Using Online Credit Card Calculators as a Personal Finance Tool

    The Web has greatly enhanced the availability of helpful resources pertaining to personal finance. Online financial calculators are a perfect example of how the Web is aiding consumers in making wise choices about credit. Online calculators are becoming increasingly popular financial tools and, while calculators are quite "user-friendly", there are some tips that consumers should consider [...]

  • Credit Card Binding Arbitration: When Ignorance Isn't Bliss

    Few people want to go to court, but there are times when it is necessary to preserve your rights and to fight unfair or illegal treatment. Watch out for mandatory arbitration clauses in your credit card agreements, which can prevent you from having your day in court. Over the years, the phrase "read the fine print" [...]

  • Credit Card Cash Advance Pitfalls

    Credit card cash advances can provide consumers with convenient and instant access to "cold cash" in times of financial need, but cash advances should be avoided if at all possible. Informed consumers realize that cash advances are typically accompanied by fees and exorbitant interest rates (there is also no grace period for cash advances). Moreover, [...]

  • Credit Cards for the Rich and Famous: Premium Credit Cards Offer Premium Benefits. But Do You Qualify?

    So you've worked to improve your credit record, and color by color, metal after metal, you've climbed the credit card ladder. Blue, silver, gold, platinum. Very impressive. Think you've reached the top? Not yet. Not long ago, having a Platinum card in your pocket meant that you were at the top of the credit card game. It's [...]

  • Credit Cards can Help Reduce your Rental Car Bill

    How to Rent a Car, Be Protected, and Save Money Too If you're beginning to entertain thoughts of hitting the open road, maybe it's time for you to plan a get away. Before you do, it's in your best interest to think a little further ahead than just about when and where to go. Like, say, how [...]

  • Disposable Credit Card Numbers

    The last few Cardratings.com articles have dealt with important issues: credit card protection and security, two things that almost everyone with a credit card thinks about at one time or another. This month, another topic on secure credit card use: online shopping. If you've ever purchased anything on the Internet, you are probably a big fan [...]

  • Credit Card Insurance: Is It Worth It?

    A brand new year always starts off with new possibilities and opportunities. For many, a new year offers a fresh start, and thousands will make a New Year's resolution to get their financial matters more organized. When sorting through various files regarding credit cards, many people may happen upon information regarding credit insurance. In fact, many [...]

  • Card Registration Services

    The holiday season tends to bring out the best in people. Joy abounds and the spirit of caring is all around. Unfortunately, the holiday season can also bring out the worst in some people--those who take advantage of the multitudes of shoppers armed with wallets full of money and credit cards. Take a moment and [...]