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Credit Card Deals

  • Not your father's credit card

    Different versions of the tale offer various inspirations for Frank McNamara's brainstorm at the start of the 1950s. A personal loan business going stale, an embarrassing night out, and a nervous conversation with his wife all factor into the creation of Diners Club, the first general purpose credit card designed to work with multiple merchants. More [...]

  • 5 credit cards you won't find anywhere else

    Record numbers of banking executives packed a well-known resort outside Orlando in the latter half of March to swap industry gossip and to show off the latest innovations in debit and credit card products. Under shareholder pressure to lend more money to consumers, big banks used the gathering to scout potential takeover targets. Marketing chiefs attended [...]

  • Best credit cards for spring break road trips

    Whether you're celebrating spring break as an actual student, or you're young in spirit, we can suggest six of the best credit cards to help keep you from losing your shirt. At least, a shirt you don't want to lose… Best credit card for spreading out spring break travel costs If you've already splurged on airfare and [...]

  • Best credit cards for Valentine's Day

    Even though it falls on the same date every year, Valentine's Day still takes many of us by surprise. If you're in a new relationship, you're trying to figure out how far you can go with gifts, flowers and dinner on the town. And if you've been with the same partner for years, you're probably [...]

  • Best credit card perks of 2011

    Many credit cards look and act alike. Cash back rewards cards battle over seasonal bonus promotions, while travel rewards cards often rely on the reputation of their brand partners. A simple bonus, perk or privilege can win the battle for a prospective cardholder's business. To illustrate, we've scoured our database for six of this year's [...]

  • Negotiate your way to better credit card terms

    The honeymoon is over. In the beginning of your relationship, when your credit card was all shiny and new, it attracted your attention by teasing you with a low interest rate and the promise of a lifetime of lavish rewards and lots of laughs. So you and your card hooked up, and at first, it was [...]

  • August Deal of the Month: Earn a roundtrip flight

    Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. Chase has been attempting to lure infrequent flyers to its family of airline travel cards all year long with special bonus offers. Earlier in 2011, the credit card issuer offered 35,000 OnePass miles for new accounts in its Continental Airlines affinity [...]

  • Editor's Choice Awards: Best Credit Cards of 2010, Part 2

    The second half of this year's Editor's Choice awards continues to spotlight credit cards and banks that bucked a trend toward fewer rewards and higher fees while offering enticing added value for cardholders. Best Reward Point Credit Cards   Chase Sapphire Unless you never watch television and you didn't go to the movies in 2010, you've probably seen ads [...]

  • Editor's Choice Awards: Best Credit Card Deals of 2010, Part 1

    In 2010, the credit card industry bounced back from the effects of a nationwide recession, a slew of new federal regulations, and a sense of discontent among consumers who paid down balances faster than ever. A handful of credit cards led the charge to bring value, service, and convenience back to Americans: Best Cash-back Credit Cards [...]

  • Credit cards that want to pay you cash to sign-up

    If you've been getting weary from the cat-and-mouse games with credit card issuers, you'll be pleased to hear that you may finally have the upper hand--at least when it comes to these credit cards. These credit card issuers are so anxious for your business that they're willing to pay you to sign up for their [...]

  • 8 Most Deceptive Terms Used in Credit Card Offers

    We may live in a high-tech world where email rules, but credit card issuers are still sending out card offers the old-fashioned way. Let's take a look at some of the more deceptive terms you might see inside of--and even on--the envelopes you find in your mail box. #1: 0% APR This is often accompanied by "Our [...]

  • Til Debt Do Us Part: The Top 6 Financial Issues Couples Lie About

    Teresa Giudice's antics as one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey captured the attention of Bravo television viewers. But she's becoming well known for the financial crisis she now faces after her husband hid millions of dollars in debt. Giudice told hosts of The View that she thought she was spending within her means. [...]

  • Best Airline Credit Card Reviews - 2010 Edition

    If you're a frequent flyer, make your air travel pay off by using a credit card with a robust travel rewards program. These cards are best for those who have at least good credit and don't carry a balance because the APRs on some airline cards tend to be a little higher. Here's a review [...]

  • Editor's Choice Awards: Best Credit Cards of 2009, Part 2

    As our "year-end" highlights list moves into the new year, we spotlight credit cards that caught our attention in 2009 that also look to make a major impact in your spending habits during 2010.Best Reward Points Cards 2009 may have felt like the swan song for reward credit cards, with many banks pulling back on perks to [...]

  • Editor's Choice Awards: Best Credit Cards of 2009, Part I

    Hundreds of new credit card products launch every year, taking their place alongside trusted veterans. Only a handful of cards made our list of the very best credit cards of 2009. Best Cashback Credit Cards of 2009: In a year when banks pulled out all the stops to preserve profit margins, cash back and reward cards took some [...]

  • Discover Card Holiday Credit Card Promotion Offers Cash Back Rewards for Year-End Gifts

    Officials at Discover Card have pulled out all the stops to make this holiday season a rewarding one for their cardholders. Back in August, company representatives told reporters that a series of promotions would highlight their card's added value, especially during a tighter-than-usual holiday season. With some advance planning, shoppers can swipe their Discover Cards and earn [...]