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By Curtis Arnold Editor-in-chief, updated on November 25, 2015

Simmons Bank was founded in 1903 has offered one of the lowest rate credit cards in the country for many years. Their platinum card has received a lot of national recognition and has a low rate along with their platinum rewards card. Simmons credit card offers are for people with the best credit.  If you have worked hard to keep excellent credit, it's time to carry a card that appreciates all that hard work.

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Founded in 1903 in Pine Bluff, Ark., Simmons Bank has a long reputation for outstanding customer service. Today, Simmons First National Corporation has eight affiliate banks that operate out of 80 offices. These offices are spread out among 40 communities in Arkansas with one in Missouri. In addition to credit cards, Simmons Bank offers checking and savings accounts as well as a host of other financial services for individuals, small businesses and corporations.

Unlike some financial institutions that offer several credit cards, Simmons offers just two Visa credit cards that meet a wide range of needs. Each of these credit cards rewards customers with excellent credit by charging a low interest rate.

  • Simmons Bank Visa Platinum. The Visa Platinum credit card, which has no annual fee, comes with one of the lowest regular interest rates on any credit card. Customers are charged just a 7.25 percent variable standard APR for purchases and balance transfers. Unlike many cards, there is no balance transfer fee for new customers applying online. In addition this low interest credit card offers access to travel accident insurance, car rental coverage and emergency cash and card replacement if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Simmons Bank Visa Platinum Rewards. The Platinum Rewards credit card, like the regular Visa Platinum card, does not have an annual fee. It carries a low 9.25 percent variable standard purchase APR. In addition, for cardholders who enroll in the travel rewards program this travel reward card earns one point per net dollar spent, regardless of whether the purchase is travel-related. The points can be redeemed for travel on any U.S. based airline, without any blackout dates or restrictions on the ticket class or seating. The points can also be used for hotel rooms, cruises, car rentals, vacation packages and gift cards. If you have a Platinum Rewards credit card, you also have access to travel accident insurance, car rental coverage and emergency cash and card replacement if your credit card is lost or stolen.

Simmons credit cards require excellent credit, but they offer excellent value. The credit cards offer no annual fee and one of the lowest annual percentage rates in the nation. Both cards offer a grace period of 25 days before interest on purchases begins to accrue. The Simmons Bank Visa Platinum Rewards credit card offers a point redemption program that is not hampered by seating restrictions, ticket class, or blackout dates. That's a very nice perk that other travel cards might struggle to match.

Choosing between the two credit cards offered by Simmons can be tough. Both offer excellent perks. For those who are always on the go, the Simmons Bank Visa Platinum Rewards credit card could be the best bet. In addition to the perks of the rewards plan, each cardholder is covered by $1 million in travel accident insurance. The card also offers additional coverage for rental cars, as well as point redemption for hotel stays, cruises, and gift cards.