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By Curtis Arnold Editor-in-chief, updated on November 26, 2015

Citi credit card holders are generally people with good to excellent credit. There are Citi credit card offers for small business owners, students, cards geared for travelers and for people who want to pay off their credit card debt by using a zero percent introductory APR balance transfer card.

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Which Citi credit card fits your needs primarily depends on your credit history and how you plan on using the card. Business owners might think about applying for a business credit card, since they are tailored for small business owners. Students should look at student credit cards. People who travel a lot, or use credit cards often, may be interested in checking out the company's rewards and airline credit cards. Citi credit cards also come with such services as automatic bill pay, car rental insurance and travel and emergency assistance.

Credit card companies have learned that one way to encourage you to use a credit card more frequently is to offer rewards tied to your spending patterns. Rewards credit cards sometimes carry a higher interest rate or higher fees than other credit cards. They are generally geared to people with good or excellent credit.

A rewards credit card works best if you intend to pay off your credit card balance in full each month, so think about how much you can charge each month and still pay your bill. When comparing rewards credit cards, check to see how quickly you can earn rewards, whether there are limits to the rewards you can earn and whether you must use or lose your rewards within a certain time frame.

Citi offers a variety of rewards credit cards, including some co-branded with hotels and airlines. 

There is a Citi credit card which offers cash back on every eligible purchase you make through its cash back credit card program. Cash rewards can be redeemed by check, statement credit, gift card or as a credit in a linked Citi savings or checking account.

If you own a business, a business credit card may help you with your cash flow and since your business expenses can be tracked with a year-end statement this may help with your bookkeeping.

If you have decided a Citi credit card is what you are looking for, take a look at the credit card offers on this page and you may find one that meets your credit needs.