New Site Makes Discover Card Cashback Bonus Rewards Easier to Redeem

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New Site Makes Discover Card Cashback Bonus Rewards Easier to Redeem

Discover Card holders now enjoy greater choice and service when redeeming Cashback Bonus rewards, thanks to an enhanced redemption Website. Officials from Discover Financial Services announced the new Website to journalists and customers this month. The online redemption system now includes offers on brand-name merchandise along with options for statement credits and direct deposit.

Unlike many credit card reward points programs, the new Discover Cashback Bonus Website allows cardholders to use their rebates to pay for just part of an online merchandise offer. This way, any reward on the site is in reach, since a member can use his or her Discover or Diners Club cards to pay for the remainder of their order.

Cardholders can also opt to donate their cash rebates to charity, or to purchase gift cards from Discover or from a variety of retail partners. In many cases, retailers offer gift cards at prices lower than face value, making Cashback Bonus redemption even more valuable. Discover cardholders continue to earn a minimum of 1% in Cashback Bonus rebates on all qualifying purchases, with reward levels rising to up to 5% for special promotional purchases up to quarterly maximums in popular categories that change every 3 months when you activate your bonus each quarter.


  1. Harold W Smith January 13, 2015 at 1:01 pm
    How do I use points to reduce account balance
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  2. elizabeth bagshaw April 15, 2014 at 2:57 pm
    After making a purchase today and charging it on my Discover card I wondered if I could deduct the amount I have in my cashback bonus when I receive my bill for today's purchase. None of your booklet says in so many words that I can use it toward this purchase.

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