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By Curtis Arnold Editor-in-chief, updated on December 1, 2015

If you have good credit, there are a wealth of credit cards available to you. Before you decide which one is best for your particular needs, you'll need to make some decisions. Do you want to carry a balance or pay off your debt in full each month? Do you want to transfer a balance from a credit card with a higher rate? Or do you want to earn rewards such as cash or frequent flier miles? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can compare credit card offers for good credit and find a card that meets your needs.

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If you have been responsible with your credit cards, paid your bills on time and haven't taken on too much debt, credit card companies are eager to have your business. While exact credit score standards vary, in general, a credit score of 700 and above should put you in the category of someone with good credit. You can leverage that good credit into qualifying for the credit card offer that you want, such as a card with low interest, cash back rewards, frequent flier miles or a low balance-transfer rate.

It will vary, which is why it's important to compare credit cards and what they offer. But some of the things you should expect include no annual fee; 0 percent introductory interest for the first several months; and a lower variable interest rate after that. Those with the best credit rating get the lowest interest rate.

There's a rewards credit card to fit every customer. If you drive a lot, you can look for rebates on gas purchases, or if you fly often, you may want a card that adds to your frequent flier miles account every time you shop. Compare these cards not only by the way you earn rewards, but also by how easy it is to redeem rewards. Some credit card companies offer bonus points for using the card or even just for paying your bills.

If you have a good credit score, look for a credit card that will return your rewards in a convenient way, such as in the form of a gift card, credit or check. You should be able to redeem them any time, either by phone, on a website or at a predetermined interval in which you get your cash back automatically.

Free extended warranties on the products you purchase; travel accident insurance when you purchase your tickets with your good-credit credit card; auto rental insurance; travel assistance services, such as assistance with passports and immunizations; and no liability for unauthorized transactions on your card.