I have a credit score of 680. Can I apply for a credit card?

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A few years ago, your 680 FICO score would have let you skid into the "very good" to "excellent" range. In today's post-recession lending market, however, that 680 lands you smack in the middle of plain old "good." Let it slide below 660, and you'll only qualify for fair credit credit cards.

Each lender makes its own definitions for "good" and "fair," however. For instance, a 680 credit score without a lot of available income won't get you far with issuers like Chase or American Express (American Express is a CardRatings.com advertiser). On the other hand, positive cash flow and stability on your credit report can inspire lenders to take a chance on you. A card you'll want to investigate is:

  • Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card. Capital One complements your credit score with information from its own consumer database when you complete a credit card application. If you don't qualify for Capital One's very best offer, the bank's system will suggest one or two similar deals, usually with annual fees or higher finance charges. This card offers cash back on every purchase, but it does have an annual fee of $39. Once you've established a solid payment history with the bank you can request bank credit line increases, new features or even check if you qualify for a different offer.
  • Discover it® for Students. Discover Financial Services made a major leap into the student loan marketplace over the last few years, giving the lender insight into how younger consumers earn, save, and spend their money. Even if you don't qualify for one of Discover's student credit cards, your score may be enough to help you land a starter account with a credit limit that will increase over time.

If your score's on the bubble, visit our newly revived CardRatings Forum, where other readers share their success stories about getting approved for the credit cards they want.


  1. Neil Stills March 18, 2015 at 10:36 am
    Of course you can apply for a credit card. If you feel that your score of 680 isn't good enough for a premier card....why not just use a "secured" card for a few months to increase your FICO score? I mean, sure you might have to fund a secured card....but it will literally only take a few months of making payments on time to increase your score and make you eligible for much better cards and interest rates. Just my two cents...
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