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CardRatings Travel Rewards 101


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Updated, January 28, 2020

Travel More. Spend A Lot Less. Enjoy Your Journeys.

Thank you for subscribing to the CardRatings Travel Rewards 101 course. We're really glad you’re here!

This course is intended for people who are new to Travel Rewards and crafted for the person who travels often (or aspires to!) and wants to crush the expenses associated with seeing new places.

For travel junkies, travel expenses can be significant, right after the big three core living expenses: housing, commuting, and food.

This is why travel rewards should have a place in the strategy of anyone suffering a case of wanderlust.

This course focuses on the intentionality of your "Why of Travel," and then delves into aligning the tactics needed to make that travel possible for almost no money.

There are 2 ways to complete this course:

  1. Binge it: If you prefer to binge all the lessons at once, bookmark this page. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, so we recommend you review each one sequentially.
  2. Take it slow: If you prefer a more measured pace, just look out for a daily mail from CardRatings that’ll give you a synopsis and the links to each of the 18 lessons below. You’re already signed up, so you won’t have to do anything extra.

Both ways cover the same exact material, so feel free to take the course at your own pace.

If you have any questions about fulfilling your travel dreams, you can always get help in the ChooseFI Travel Facebook group. If you have questions about the various credit cards you're going to learn about in this course, CardRatings' Guide to the Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards is a great places to start.

Once again, welcome!