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“Great site and great organization!”

Quote by Mary Ann Campbell, CFP. Mary Ann has been listed by Money magazine as one of the nation’s top 200 Certified Financial Planners. She has served as Chair of the National Women’s Business Council (a presidentially appointed position). She is also president of Money Magic, Inc.

“ gives you the option of searching for the best credit card deals based on rewards and interest rates.”

Quote by Smart Computing Magazine.

“A detailed listing of reward cards can be found at CardRatings.”

Quote by the online edition of USA Today.

“ provides news and information about credit card scams, cards with reward programs, debt relief, student credit, Internet security, low rates, and balance transfers.”

Quote by is a leading women’s online destination, boasting a membership of 6.8 million.

“I recommend all the time. It’s full of great, reliable information and it’s very easy to use. Most importantly, it can save people a ton of money!”

Quote by Gerri Detweiler, author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook and founder of

“An excellent site and comprehensive source for accurate credit information.”

Quote by Sam X Renick, an author of two children financial books: It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit! and Will Sammy Ride the World’s First Space Coaster?. Sam has also produced the music CD title Get in the Habit!; and is the founder of The It’s a Habit! Company, Inc., a socially conscience corporation dedicated to providing parents and educators with wholesome, entertaining and educational tools that will help them encourage children to develop good habits, especially saving money.

“CardRatings features free credit card reports which rate credit cards after comparing interest rates, benefits, reward offers, rebates, annual fees.”

Quote by Judith R. Urich, Ph.D., CFP. Dr. Urich is a Family Resource Management Specialist at The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.

“I have been referencing and referring consumers to for years. I have always told my readers that if you see it at, you can take it to the bank.”

Quote by Mike Killian, a certified financial consultant who manages his own company, Debt Free Training, and is the guide/editor of’s Credit/Debt Managment channel.

“I want to say that I think what you are doing is great! There are lots of people that will benefit from the information at your web site.”

Quote by Mr. Eddie Ary, CPA, CFP, Professor of Finance at Ouachita Baptist University.

“Thank you for providing such valuable, easy to understand tools in your web site and for your presentation to our students during the Coleman Distinguished Lecture Series.”

Quote by Dr. Ellen Daniel, CFCS. Dr. Daniel is a professor in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department at Harding University.

“Thank you for speaking to my class! We really enjoyed it.”

Quote by Steve W. Edison, PhD, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

“Thanks for speaking at the teacher training sponsored by the AR Jump$tart Coalition. Your information and web site will help students understand the need to use credit wisely and how to shop for the best options.”

Quote by Lynn R. Russell, Ph.D. Dr. Russell is an Extension Family Resource Management Specialist at The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.

“Eufora is proud to be affiliated with and U.S. Citizens for Fair Credit Card Terms, Inc. CFCCT has proven to be a very capable and professional marketing partner for Eufora, as well as many other payment card products. In addition to their extensive inventory of products and services, they offer very valuable, accurate and up to date financial information to the consumer. This non-profit element of their program is a clear indication of their dedication to their customers.”

Quote by Mark D’Ambrosio, President of EuforaTM, LLC, issuers of The Income Opportunity Credit CardTM.

EuforaTM has become a pioneer in the credit card industry. Developed by a diverse team of entrepreneurs with decades of marketing experience, the EuforaTM concept was created to provide its Members with an unparalleled rewards program and income opportunity.

“I’ve only contibuted to the message board once before, but I use it as a resouce almost daily. It is the best resourse for information that I’ve found.”

Quote by Bob Redman, Outreach Representative for the College Planning Center, a non-profit organization that provides federal and alternative student loans with its over 300 partnering lenders.

“What a great web site! Fast, smart and packed with information that’s easy to use. Keep up the good work!”

Quote by Mark Hilliard, an E-Learning Developer for JCafe On-Line, Inc.. JCafe Inc. is a technology company that provides software to such clients as the Missouri and North Dakota Depts. of Transportation (DOT).

“Great website and what a public service. I posted a brief summary of a problem yesterday (on the message board) and have 3 responses to follow up. I will contribute to the site with any useful feedback.”

Quote by Barry Edwards, Director of Development for Hope Worldwide, a non-profit charity, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.

“I just wanted to say that this is my favorite site on the Internet. I’ve learned a lot about the credit card industry and even some of the mysteries of banking. I always check the latest reviews and posts to the message board. I’ve only just scratched the surface of the archived card reviews and message board and I’ve learned more about the credit card industry than from any book. I would rather sift through first-person anecdotal accounts than look at polished reports. As far as ads go, you have a relatively clean site without a lot of pop ups and annoying banners. This site is a help to many.”

Quote by Sharon Bright, a cost administration manager (most recent job title), from Seattle, WA.

“I really love your site and I hope you’re going to stick around. My one complaint – and I’m sure there’s a simple answer to this: why don’t you provide links to ALL the cards? I hate to complain. I can tell your heart is in the right place with this.”

Quote by Anne Concannon, an editor, from Boston, MA.

“I found your site to be very valuable more than once when searching out specific reward types of cards. I see that offers change frequently and your company really keeps abreast of the info. Good work. I will keep you on my favorites. A satisfied customer.”

Quote by Sharon Leinkran, a public school teacher in the metro New York area.

“Thank you for the email (newsletter). It was a good source of information and I will recommend this site to my friends. Please keep this email coming to me. I have found it very informative. Thank you.”

Quote by Fred Toler, a factory worker in Salina, Kansas.

“I went to Yahoo one day out of anguish about paid off Getsmart/Emerge accounts and found your site; then I came across your message board by searching your site directory. This was around Oct. 2002 or perhaps one month earlier. I love to just come in and see the chats and tips. I have learned a lot from this board, especially Eugene and Verne. These guys have a lot of answers to questions I had planned to ask.”

Quote by Audrey “Aisha” Abdo, who is an active member of our message board and is employed at a retail sales dept. at a casino.

“I learned of your site through a search for best credit card rewards. I have used your site extensively, comparing cash back rewards, and have applied for, received and use credit cards from several of your sponsors. Very informative site.”

Quote by Glen Ortman, a retired executive that resides in Port Republic, N.J.

“I applaud your decision to delete all pop-ups. I personally can’t stand them and I find that popup stopping software doesn’t work well because it stops legitimate web sites from working properly. Keep up the good work.”

Quote by Ira Stoller, a senior member of our message board and a Senior Account Manager for Micro Strategies Inc. in Denville, NJ.

“As a writer for over 29 years, I’ve built myself file cabinets full of contacts. Your website is excellent, and having been on most of them, I can speak from experience. I’ve added your site to my contacts list. Keep up the good work. In this day and age, credit cards have become even more of a way of life…”. Anonymous quote by a writer/photographer from northern Michigan.

“Thanks for your web site. I have already found a MUCH BETTER CREDIT CARD RATE! Thanks again! Please send me my free t-shirt for signing up for your newsletter.”

Quote by Dr. Ted Cox of Independence, MO, an employee of The FTB Group, Inc.

“This has been an extremely helpful site and I have learned a valuable lesson about credit. I am sure to visit often.”

Quote by Nancy, a member of our message board who is employed in the sales and advertising industry in Lincoln, Nebraska.

“I just did a search on MSN and your site came up, along with others. I prefer yours because of the format and segregation of different catagories of credit cards. I found the Fleet Evance card on your site. It pays about 1.4% for every dollar paid in the form of a savings bond. Every so often I search your web site to see if there are any cards with better cash back deal, but have not found one. All in all your web site is outstanding!

Quote by Ken Hogob, an administrative manager in Bossier City, Louisiana.

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