Price protection via your credit card

By Curtis Arnold Editor-in-chief, updated on February 18, 2018

Trim + a Chase or Citi credit card can automatically give you price protection. Trim protects you for 90 days with Chase cards, or 50 days with Citi cards on all supported retailers.  

Price protection refunds your money should an item you purchased drop in price after your purchase. Previously, you needed to be vigilant in watching for price drops - and who has time to do all that? Trim automates it and files your claim on your behalf automatically.

With price protection cards like Chase Freedom® and Chase Slate®, you should apply for these cards and then plug into Trim to get the savings you deserve! 

Pro Tip: Apply for both a Chase Freedom® for the of 5% cash back quarterly categories, and the Chase Sapphire Preferred® card (2x points points on travel and dining at restaurants), and combine the rewards through Chase's Ultimate Rewards® program, so you earn bigger rewards faster!  

Here are some of the recommended cards that will work with Trim: