recognized web sites has been a leading source of information on bank rates, personal finance, savings accounts, and investing since 1999. We provide the highest rates on money market account, savings account, checking account as well as cd rates. has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Barron's, USA Today, US News and World Report, and the Los Angeles Times as a valuable resource for individual investors and consumers. According to a recent survey, MoneyRates users agree that the site "finds better and more rates than other sites." is a comprehensive source of information regarding personal finance issues. This site is administered by Mary Ann Campbell, who has served as Chair of the National Women's Business Council (a presidentially appointed position). Mary Ann has consistently been a loyal advocate of our organization. and are consumer credit resources created by Gerri Detweiler. Detweiler has been helping Americans solve their credit problems for more than a decade. She is the author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook (Plume, 1993, revised 1997), which was featured in Money magazine as one of the five best new personal finance books of the year when released. She is also co-author of Slash Your Debt: Save Money & Secure Your Future (Financial Literacy Center, 1999), and Invest In Yourself: Six Secrets to a Rich Life (Wiley, October 1998), which was recommended in USA Today and Kiplingers magazine.
Business Credit Success Business Credit SuccessTM shows its client's current and future business owners -- how to leverage business credit to get major credit cards, office supply accounts, equipment leasing, lines of credit, and much more. Our members learn how to achieve top-notch business credit ratings. At, there is something for everyone - from the experts with excellent credit who've never had "baddies" on their credit reports and who know the best techniques for getting the best cards, loans, and mortgages on your terms, not the creditor's, to those who are in trouble and need support and advice, and everyone in between.

Credit Card Nation Credit Card Nation is the inspiration of Dr. Robert D. Manning, Professor of Finance at Rochester Inst. of Technology, in an effort to develop an online community for sharing experiences and improving our understanding of the profound changes wrought by the deregulation of the U.S. financial services industry over the last three decades. The site offers access to government data, recent research, critical analysis of statutory and public policy issues, educational tools, financial literacy programs, and practical information for personal financial management, wealth building, and responsible debt relief. Ultimately, the site seeks to promote knowledge of consumer credit for enhancing personal empowerment. Manning is the author of CREDIT CARD NATION (Basic Books, 2000) and has testified before Congress on the use of credit.

The It's a Habit! Company, Inc. "It's a Habit!" Company, Inc. (IAHC) is a socially conscious corporation, based in Los Angeles, California. The company is dedicated to sharing two empowering life messages with children, families and educators as often as possible and in as many different forms as possible: (1) Saving is a Habit! (2) From every dollar save a dime! The company produces its own music and books geared toward educating elementary school children about money issues.

The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy Jump$tart offers personal finance education to K-12 and college students. We are proud to support Jump$tart by being a national Jump$tart partner and by volunteering our time to further their outreach efforts. Curtis Arnold, Founder of, serves as the co-chair of the Arkansas chapter of Jump$tart. is the creation of Kristy Welsh. The site offers free credit repair tutorials. Kristy is also the author of a popular new book that deals with credit repair entitled "Good Credit is Sexy".

YoungMoney.comYOUNG MONEY® was founded for one simple reason: Overall, there's a gap big enough to drive a truck through when it comes to understanding the concept of smart money management in the 21st century. YOUNG MONEY's mission is to take a historically complicated subject: Money Management, and make it fun and easy to understand. This is not Money Management 101. We know everyone's not a Finance major, and that's okay. Browse around our site and we think you'll see stories about young adults you can relate to. YOUNG MONEY is "into" fun, but we make sure you can get lots of useful information while you're at it.

YOUNG MONEY® magazine reaches 500,000 young adult readers through a national print circulation of 250,000 on a bi-monthly basis.

nBuy Associates nBuy Associates is a business brokerage and consulting network specializing in small and medium-sized business transfer services and consulting. Krayton Davis is the Executive Principal of nBuy Associates. Mr. Davis, who has 14 years of strategic management and marketing experience, has developed helpful resources to help consumers deal with various financial issues.
Consumer City Consumer advocacy website. Get free information and advice about insurance, credit scores, debt collection, identity theft, health club memberships, credit reports, etc.

Marjon Financial Services Marjon Financial Services is a woman-owned certified minority business enterprise (MBE) providing financial education and information for the success and empowerment of minority women. Felicia A. Dixon-Ward, the President, CEO and founder of Marjon, is a certified credit and debt management consultant and certified independent seminar leader. Felicia began conducting seminars on credit and debt management at local technical colleges in 1995 and holds a MBA degree from Strayer Univ.