Credit Card Surveys - Gas Rebate Credit Card Survey

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    1. On average, how much money do you spend on gas per week?
      Response PercentResponse Total
      Other (please specify)
    Total Respondents  1325
    (skipped this question)  2
    2. Did you know there are credit cards available that offer rebates on gas?
      Response PercentResponse Total
    Total Respondents  1323
    (skipped this question)  4
    3. Do you currently have a credit card that offers rebates on gas?
      Response PercentResponse Total
    Total Respondents  1319
    (skipped this question)  8
    4. Which answer best describes how often you use your credit cards that offer rebates on gas?
      Response PercentResponse Total
      Other (please specify)
    Total Respondents  450
    (skipped this question)  876
    5. Do you plan to use your gas rebate credit card more frequently this summer to help offset the cost of gas prices?
      Response PercentResponse Total
      Comments (Optional)
    Total Respondents  446
    (skipped this question)  880
    6. How effective do you think your gas rebates cards are when it comes to saving money on gas?
      Response PercentResponse Total
      Not Effective
      Somewhat Effective
      Very Effective
      Comments (Optional)
    Total Respondents  445
    (skipped this question)  881
    7. What is the rebate percentage on your current gas rebate credit cards? (Please select all that apply)
      Response PercentResponse Total
    Total Respondents  437
    (skipped this question)  889
    8. Which bank issues your current gas rebate credit cards? (Please select all that apply)
      Response PercentResponse Total
      Chase/Bank One/First USA
      Bank of America/MBNA
      Discover Bank
      American Express
      Capital One
      Other (please specify)
    Total Respondents  438
    (skipped this question)  888
    9. What features are most important to you when shopping for a gas rebate credit card?
     Very ImportantImportantSomewhat ImportantNot ImportantResponse Total
    The Actual Amount of the Rebates 
    75% (964)21% (265)4% (46)1% (10)1285
    How Widely or Where it is Accepted 
    65% (821)27% (345)6% (71)2% (23)1260
    The Interest Rate 
    46% (575)16% (197)12% (153)26% (318)1243
    The Annual Fee 
    81% (1022)13% (167)4% (49)2% (27)1265
    Whether it Offers Other Rebates/Benefits  
    42% (530)28% (350)20% (249)10% (130)1259
    Total Respondents  1291
    (skipped this question)  35
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      Total Respondents  
    (skipped this question)  340
    11. Congrats! You have completed our survey. Please take a second and tell us how you found out about CardRatings.com and what you thought of the survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
      Total Respondents  
    (skipped this question)  806

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