What are the fees on a Discover card?

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Mike Killian
Terms apply; see the online credit card application for full terms and conditions of offers and rewards.

What fees are involved with a Discover card – or any other card – are determined by which credit card you get, not the brand. Some of the more traditional fees are balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, late fees, foreign transaction fees, over the limit fees, and the most common, annual fees. There could be other fees as well that aren’t as commonly encountered. Again, this will vary by credit card so be sure to check a card’s fine print. 

Sometimes a card will have a 0% APR or no fees as a promotion, but you should never choose a card based solely on a promotional offer. Promotions are a great perk, but it’s important to consider the ongoing terms and conditions of any credit card offer before applying. You should only consider a promotion if you have already determined how you will use the card after the promotional period ends— unless you are prepared to sock-drawer it if needed.

Before you decide which cards to even consider, first check your credit score so you know which cards you may be eligible for, and then use our credit card comparison tool to select the type of card that best suit your needs. Only after you know your approximate credit rating and how you want to use your card can you select the best card for you and decide which brand of card– for example, Discover– you want.

What is an annual fee on a credit card? 

A credit card annual fee is the fee that some credit card issuers charge annually in order for you be an account holder with a particular card. Annual fee amounts vary by card, and some cards have no fees at all. Some cards even waive the fee for the first year as an introductory offer. 

Don’t rule out a credit card just because it has an annual fee. Often, the cards with the best rewards and perks charge an annual fee, and these fees can usually be easily offset by the numerous benefits offered by the card. Check out our best credit cards with an annual fee to learn more. 

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