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A small business credit card comes out with a healthy welcome bonus offer – but should you take it?

LogoImageListingUrlSee Rates and FeesAmerican Express has announced a welcome offer bonus for CardName: up to 75,000 Membership Rewards® points! Those points could be worth more than $750 depending on how you choose to redeem them (more on that below). American Express is a CardRatings advertiser. Terms apply.  You’ll earn the first 50,000 bonus points after you spend $10,000 [...]

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Avoiding small business credit card ID theft: 6 rules to follow

Most consumers don't need to be reminded that they need to be careful that identity thieves don't get their credit card information. Chances are, you keep your computers and devices loaded up with anti-virus software. You're careful about who you give personal information to. You don't leave your credit cards lying out in public view. But [...]

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What do credit card issuers look at besides your FICO score?

There is a lot of worry going around about the FICO credit score. For good reason. You've heard a lot about how it's not to be trifled with. Managing a FICO credit score can be a little like what it must be like to diffuse a bomb. Carry too much debt, and ka-blooey! Never, ever carry debt, [...]

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Best credit card signup bonuses of March 2020

TABLE OF CONTENTSBEST CREDIT CARD BONUSES HOW TO EARN A CREDIT CARD BONUS [RELATED_ARTICLE]The credit card bonus offer. It’s flashy, exciting, enticing… and possibly fleeting. That’s right, credit card bonuses can and do rise and fall, which means that applying for a new card at the right time could mean a substantially higher bonus for you. Likewise, missing [...]

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7 reasons to carry a non-rewards credit card

Credit card rewards can be exciting and enticing: cash back, signup bonuses, easy point-gaining potential and more. It's these incentives that often draw people to new cards in the first place. But not so fast… It's true that we love the perks of rewards credit cards, and we certainly agree that they can be fantastic cards to [...]

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5 credit card trends for 2018

Credit cards usage is nearing pre-Great Recession levels as Americans feel more confident about their jobs and economy. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently reported that the average credit line, number of accounts and outstanding card debt are all on the upswing. There isn't quite as much credit card debt (yet!) compared to before the recession, [...]

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Pay up: Americans' credit card interest payments are skyrocketing

Americans know the holiday shopping season can be rough on their credit card balances. What makes that especially ominous this time around is that consumers entered this year's spending spree with those card balances more burdensome than ever. Between rising credit card interest rates (and they're going up again with the recent Federal Reserve interest rate [...]

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The top 4 credit cards for tech professionals (and why you need one)

As tech professionals, very often you ARE your own business. Whether you're a consultant, freelance developer or content provider or perhaps you run a small business that helps connect those people in the tech industry, you know that working in the tech world comes with a unique set of business needs and expenses. You benefit [...]

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Waived annual fees, zero interest and more credit card perks for active-duty military

As a way to say "thank you," both the country and credit card companies offer special benefits for active-duty military members and, in some cases, their spouses. No matter your credit card, active-duty military members and their spouses are eligible for benefits related to the Servicemembers Civil Rights Act (SCRA). The SCRA provides financial help to [...]

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Study: Despite increased wages, credit card debt greater in high cost-of-living states

Are the high prices where you live causing you to reach for your credit card just to make routine expenses or make ends meet? A new CardRatings study found that may be the case in certain high-cost areas of the country, especially in states where incomes do not adequately compensate for the cost of living. The [...]

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