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Major Small Business Credit Card Issuer Still Committed to Extending Credit

You cannot read any credit related news without hearing how consumers are getting squeezed by higher credit card interest rates, credit restrictions and other negative account changes. Small business credit cards suffer from many of the same challenges. For example, Advanta and Office Max are no longer issuing business credit cards. Many small business card issuers [...]

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Using Online Credit Card Calculators as a Personal Finance Tool

The Web has greatly enhanced the availability of helpful resources pertaining to personal finance. Online financial calculators are a perfect example of how the Web is aiding consumers in making wise choices about credit. Online calculators are becoming increasingly popular financial tools and, while calculators are quite "user-friendly", there are some tips that consumers should consider [...]

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Brokerage Reward Credit Cards: When Spending and Saving Mean the Same Thing

Rewards credit cards are nothing new to the credit card industry. But what about reward credit card offers that deposit cash-back directly into your brokerage account? The cards, called brokerage rewards credit cards, are definitely something new and the timing could not be better. Why Open a Brokerage Reward Card?The loss of home equity, marketable securities, [...]

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Risk, Not Law, Cause for Rising Credit Card Rates

Rising credit card interest rates have captured the media's attention over the past few months. Even for Americans whose credit scores have not been impacted by the nation's financial crisis, sudden credit card rate hikes have caused concern. Some pundits argued that increased industry regulation could force all cardholders to pay more for their plastic. [...]

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Using Balance Transfer Responsibly

Taking advantage of balance transfer credit card offers to save on interest charges has been popular for many years. But considering today's economy, are they still a viable option? Many financial groups that offer credit cards have increased their balance transfer fee from 3% to 4%. Curtis Arnold, Founder of Cardratings.com and author of the book [...]

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America's Love Affair with Credit Card Rewards and Rebates!

February....the month conjures up images of puppy love, romantic escapes, and red roses. Granted, credit cards are typically not viewed as being very romantic :) , but America's "love affair" with credit cards that offer rewards and rebates remains strong. Despite restrictions on card rewards, which seem to have grown over the years, the demand [...]

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Credit Card Binding Arbitration: When Ignorance Isn't Bliss

Few people want to go to court, but there are times when it is necessary to preserve your rights and to fight unfair or illegal treatment. Watch out for mandatory arbitration clauses in your credit card agreements, which can prevent you from having your day in court. Over the years, the phrase "read the fine print" [...]

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How to Rebuild Your Credit History After Bankruptcy Using Secured Credit Cards

Several months ago Tom, a member of CreditBoards.com, filed for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Now he is in the process of rebuilding his credit history. It's a task that is not easy, but with patient persistence he is seeing progress already. Daily he checks his credit score and is slowly seeing improvement.1 In addition to [...]

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What is a mixed or split credit report?

Credit reports contain errors on a regular basis. So, before applying for new credit or beginning your credit repair journey make sure that all of the information contained in your credit report is yours. Reasons for such mixes include: Common name. For example, a father and son who live at the same address, or who don't add Sr. [...]

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Credit Card Surveys - Gas Rebate Credit Card Survey

    1. On average, how much money do you spend on gas per week?     Response Percent Response Total     $20   12.5% 165     $30   17.8% 236     $40   18.3% 243     $50   12.7% 168     $60   10.5% 139     >$60   21% 278     Other (please specify)   7.2% 96 Total Respondents   1325 (skipped this question)   2         2. Did you know there are credit cards available that offer rebates on gas?     Response Percent Response Total     Yes   69.8% 923     No   29.6% 392     Other   0.6% 8 Total Respondents   1323 (skipped this question)   4         3. Do you currently have a credit card that offers rebates on gas?     Response Percent Response Total     Yes   34.2% 451     No   65.8% 868 Total Respondents   1319 (skipped this [...]

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