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Best hotel credit cards of December 2019

TABLE OF CONTENTSFLEXIBLE HOTEL REWARDS CREDIT CARDS HYATT HOTELS MARRIOTT, STARWOOD, THE RITZ-CARLTON HOTELS IHG® HOTELS HILTON HOTELS [RELATED_ARTICLE]List of Top PicksCardName - Flexible Rewards CardName - Hyatt Rewards CardName - Marriott Bonvoy Rewards CardName - IHG® Rewards CardName - Hilton RewardsThe best hotel credit cards from our partners can help you stretch your dollar whether you're a road warrior business traveler or [...]

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Retail rejection: Top six reasons your credit card was declined

There are few things in life more embarrassing than having your credit card declined, especially if you're attempting to make a purchase while you have people with you ("Hey, boss! I'll get the check!" Oops…). But before you slink away in shame, consider that there are a number of reasons your card could be declined, [...]

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Is it time to upgrade your credit card?

High interest rates and limited rewards got you down? If you aren't pleased with your current credit card, you don't have to go to the trouble of applying for a whole new account. A credit card upgrade may be all you need. John Ulzheimer is the president of Consumer Education at SmartCredit.com and says upgrading a [...]

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Best credit cards for airport lounge access of December 2019

TABLE OF CONTENTSBEST CREDIT CARDS FOR AIRPORT LOUNGE ACCESS HOW TO CHOOSE A CREDIT CARD FOR AIRPORT LOUNGE ACCESSList of Top PicksCardName - For Personal Use CardName - For Business UseLet's face it: Airports are not generally the most pleasant of environments what with their fluorescent lights, blaring intercoms, screaming children and harried travelers. Enter the airport [...]

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5 things your credit card company won't negotiate

You've gotten yourself into some financial trouble - overspending when work is slow or nonexistent. You are hoping to negotiate with your credit card issuer to give you some wiggle room with those monthly payments. Go for it, says Mike Sullivan, director of education for Take Charge America, a non-profit credit counseling organization in Phoenix. "I [...]

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10 signs you might be a credit card geek

It's cool to be a geek these days. It's even cooler when your geekdom saves you money and lets you live a more lavish lifestyle. (Even if that just means you can bump up to three Netflix DVDs out at a time instead of two.) Comparing rates and fees online doesn't make you a credit [...]

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What factors determine the credit limit you get on a credit card?

Credit card issuers have spent the past few decades developing a complex "matrix" system to match your credit profile with the "right" credit limit. Picture your credit score running down the left-hand column of that matrix, and your income running across the top row. An underwriter then sets optimal credit limits based on which block [...]

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6 luxury credit card perks

Signup bonuses and rewards points aren’t the only ways today’s best credit cards pay for themselves. Customers who qualify for “elite,” “platinum,” and “signature” credit cards often earn extra perks that can save time while eliminating common expenses. Repaid baggage fees American travelers have grudgingly grown accustomed to paying for checked bags on flights. While many airlines [...]

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If Olympic athletes were credit cards...

Even casual sports fans can’t resist the lure of the Summer Games. The 2012 London Olympics will feature an eclectic group of accomplished athletes from all over the world. Yet, unlike major league superstars, spectators won’t know most of their names. The CardRatings.com research team decided to mash up some of today’s most promising credit [...]

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5 outrageous credit card purchases

Though few consumers make truly outrageous purchases at the spur of the moment, credit cards offer security for big ticket spending. Likewise, many retailers prefer to handle large transactions with help from credit card issuers' fraud prevention programs. Five of the world's most outrageous credit card purchases illustrate some extreme spending: A single bottle of beer, for half [...]

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