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Best premium credit cards for luxury perks of January 2020

TABLE OF CONTENTSBEST PREMIUM CREDIT CARDS DO YOU QUALIFY FOR THE MOST ELITE CREDIT CARDS? [RELATED_ARTICLE]You don't have to be a millionaire to travel like one. That's thanks to the growing number of premium credit cards on the market these days that offer a wide range of premium perks and features to qualifying cardholders. From concierge services [...]

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Tackle debt with no-fee balance-transfer cards

Do you have credit card debt? You're hardly alone if you do. A September 2014 report from the Federal Reserve reveals 38.1 percent of American families were carrying forward card balances last year. If the amounts involved are small, this needn't bother you much, but they can be a real burden if they start to [...]

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Secret ways to earn more points and rewards with your credit cards

If you use your reward credit cards wisely, you can double and, in some cases, even triple your rewards quickly and without spending more. Here are five ways you can make your rewards work for you.  Follow which categories offer bonus rewards Lots of reward credit card offers give bonuses for rotating categories throughout the year. "Some of [...]

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Best gas reward credit cards of January 2020

TABLE OF CONTENTSBEST GAS REWARD CREDIT CARDS HOW TO COMPARE THE BEST CREDIT CARDS FOR GAS HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR GAS CREDIT CARD [RELATED_ARTICLE]List of Top PicksCardName - For Consumers CardName - For BusinessesIf you're like most people in the U.S., hopping in your car to head to work, run errands or do your duty in [...]

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Can you benefit from your credit card's mall?

How can you earn extra cash-back rewards or airline miles simply for making purchases online? By using an online shopping portal, of course. The Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping Mall, Discover's ShopDiscover.com and Bank of America's World Points Mall are three of the biggest players in the click-through online shopping game. By offering customers additional cash-back rebates [...]

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Most data-breach victims take no action

What do you do if you've been the victim of a data breach, and your personal or account information has fallen into the hands of criminals? That's not as theoretical a question as you might hope. Some 41 percent of American consumers have experienced just card fraud -- let alone other losses -- in the [...]

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In the military? 5 ways to protect your finances while protecting our freedom

Military families have many worries that other families do not have. And a recent study from National Federation of Credit Counseling of active duty military personnel showed that military families have one more worry on their plate -- financial instability. The survey showed the 77 percent of respondents have financial worries and 55 percent feel [...]

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Processors vs. issuers: What consumers should know

Believe it or not, whenever you use your credit card, there is a lot going on behind the scenes of each transaction. While a lot of it might seem as exciting as reading a legal document, it does benefit you as a consumer to understand the major players involved in your financial business. Here, we break [...]

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Best student credit cards of January 2020

TABLE OF CONTENTSBEST CREDIT CARDS FOR STUDENTS OTHER OPTIONS TO CONSIDER BEST PRACTICIES FOR CHOOSING A CARD [RELATED_ARTICLE]List of Top PicksCardName - For Cash Back CardName - For Travel CardName - For Study AbroadThe relationships you build with banks during college can directly impact future life events such as the job offers you'll get, the kind of credit card deals [...]

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Yes, credit score and credit report are two different things

Many people use the terms credit score and credit report interchangeably. Everyone from journalists to consumers often refer to a credit score when they mean credit report and vice versa. Credit reports and credit scores contain different information, are used for different purposes and are accessed by different companies. What is the difference between a credit [...]

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