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Yes, credit score and credit report are two different things

Many people use the terms credit score and credit report interchangeably. Everyone from journalists to consumers often refer to a credit score when they mean credit report and vice versa. Credit reports and credit scores contain different information, are used for different purposes and are accessed by different companies. What is the difference between a credit [...]

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5 credit moves to do right now for a happier holiday

It's hot. The laundry room is filled with towels from afternoons at the pool and the current meal plan involves avoiding the oven at all costs. When your days are filled with trying to stay inside your air-conditioned home as much as possible and entertaining children who are home from school, planning for the holiday [...]

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Handing your credit card to someone else? Be smart about it

It can happen in an instant. Employees at your local department store, repair shop or supermarket just have to turn their backs to you for a fraction of a second to swipe your credit card with skimmers connected to their belts. Once they do, they have your credit card information. They can then do with [...]

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Credit cards, calories and computing: America's modern addictions

Is your mail carrier experiencing back pain as a result of hefting your monthly credit card statements into your mailbox? No? Well count yourself lucky. A recent poll commissioned by CardRatings.com reveals roughly one in seven Americans saying they're unable to go more than 24 hours without using their credit cards. And that's more than [...]

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Best no foreign transaction fee credit cards of 2017 from our partners

Whether you spend months saving for that big trip overseas or you have the funds to globe trot regularly, you probably don’t like the idea of paying up to a 5 percent fee each time you use your credit card outside the United States. The fact is, more than 80 million Americans traveled abroad in [...]

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Best credit cards for summer vacation from our partners

Sure, you probably don't plan your summer vacation around your credit cards, but you do pay for it with them. So somewhere in the insanity of trying to reserve a spot at the kennel for your dog and trying to get your friends or your spouse or kids excited about your idea for where you'd [...]

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6 reasons credit scores aren't always fair

Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life. If it's too low -- say, under 640 -- you'll struggle to qualify for a mortgage loan. And if you do get a loan, you'll have to pay higher interest rates.And here's the unfortunate truth: Your credit score can be low even [...]

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Best balance transfer cards for 2017

If you are carrying a balance on one or more of your credit cards but are committed to paying that balance off or simply need to minimize interest payments until you can eliminate your balance, a balance transfer card may be an important component of your debt-reduction strategy. Not all balance transfer credit card offers are [...]

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Small-business owners can reap benefits of credit card use

It's no secret that a sizable percentage of small businesses are financed with credit cards, but there's enough to think about when starting your own business without having to sift through the tons of business credit cards currently on the market. We talked to a few entrepreneurs and did some digging of our own into [...]

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DC: Capital of cash back

Your credit card company owes you one, perhaps in the form of a drink at the end of the working week, a round of golf or a spa treatment. You may not immediately associate credit card companies with such generosity, but it's true -- your next outing could be their treat! And there may be many [...]

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