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Bi-Weekly Credit Card Payments Can Save $1000s in Interest Charges

  Here's a little known tactic for getting out of credit card debt: Send in bi-weekly payments. Say you owe $5,000 on a credit card with a 17% interest rate and 3% minimum payment. If you only send in the minimum amount every month, by the time you've paid off that $5,000, your interest bite would be [...]

Categories: How Cards Work , Credit Card Interest
How Your Credit Card Interest Rate Can Go Through the Roof for No Apparent Reason

Most consumers know that your credit score affects the credit card rates that you are eligible for. What you may not know is that if your credit score is lowered, then the interest rates on existing credit card debt could increase significantly. How? Universal Default. It's not a phrase that most are familiar with, and it's certainly [...]

Categories: Interest / Fees
How to Save 1000s of $$$ with Low Interest Rate Credit Cards

Credit card balances are rising faster than consumers can pay them off. And with a high interest rate card it can be difficult to even make a dent in debt. According to Consumer Action, a non-profit, membership-based organization, a March 2004 survey revealed that only 39% of the people said they pay their credit card balance [...]

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CashBack Credit Cards - Consumer Tips

How does a little extra cash in your pocket sound? Maybe you could use it for a nice dinner out on your birthday, a movie night with that special someone, a rainy day shopping spree, college savings for you or your child, or even to pay down your mortgage. Keep dreaming because if you had [...]

Categories: Cash Back
How is a Credit Score Calculated and How Can I Improve My Credit Score?

In a world where the fate of your employment, housing, insurance rates, and ability to get a loan is often based on how good your credit score is, it is important to understand the various scoring systems and what steps to take to improve your score. It would be nice if everyone used the same credit scoring [...]

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Credit Card Cash Advance Pitfalls

Credit card cash advances can provide consumers with convenient and instant access to "cold cash" in times of financial need, but cash advances should be avoided if at all possible. Informed consumers realize that cash advances are typically accompanied by fees and exorbitant interest rates (there is also no grace period for cash advances). Moreover, [...]

Categories: How Cards Work , Tips
Credit Card Fraud and Credit Related Scams: How to Protect Yourself from Becoming a Victim

Do you often feel as though you must be on the lookout at every turn, because there are people out there just waiting to rip you off? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that might not be a bad idea. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission released the results of a Consumer Fraud Survey. [...]

Categories: How Cards Work , ID Theft / Fraud
Protecting Your Credit Report During Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy should always be a last resort (see our credit card debt section for credit card offers for bad credit). However, if you are determined to file bankruptcy but have not done so yet, then please take your time and don't rush the process - it is more important to ensure that all your bases [...]

Categories: Credit Report
Retail Credit Cards and Department Store Credit Cards

Many retail stores want to offer you a line of credit. But before you sign up to get 10% off your purchase and a free umbrella, you need to understand the effect that such cards can have on your credit both good and bad. If you apply for a {fill in name of store here} credit [...]

Categories: How Cards Work , Store Cards
Protecting Your Credit Following Identity Theft: A Step-by-Step Plan of Action

New changes in the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) regarding identity theft are presented here. Further detailed information can be found at the Federal Trade Commission site, http://www.ftc.gov/, under Fair Credit Reporting Act . This is just a general step-by-step guide to start the process. File Police Report: It is very important to establish time of discovery [...]

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