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Credit cards and celebrity pitches: Who should be the next star?

Credit cards attract star power, just like any other product. Morgan Freeman has narrated many a Visa ad. David Spade has appeared in a few zany Capital One ads. NFL great Peyton Manning starred in some MasterCard commercials. And, of course, American Express (American Express is a CardRatings.com advertiser) has turned the celebrity endorsement into something [...]

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Should you pay your utility bill with a credit card if you can?

Paying your utility bill with a credit card? For some credit card users, it could be a smart idea. For others, not so much. And in some cases it can be impossible, for instance, if the utility doesn't accept credit card payments, which is sometimes the case, although debit cards seem to be accepted more readily. And [...]

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Credit in TV land: Are sitcom stars good role models?

Every year at about this time, pretty much since TV was invented, the summer of reruns ends and a new fall programming season begins. Turn on the TV and you'll likely find a variety of new episodes from ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX that present realistic life dramas that sometimes poke fun at that great [...]

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I have an excellent record for payments on all my cards, but I'm paying as high as 29 percent interest. How can I lower the rate?

Lots of factors could contribute to your relatively high finance charge, ranging from the relationship you've got with your bank to the way you manage your balances. In the wake of the Credit CARD Act's passage, consumers wondered what happened to the "protections" lawmakers promised them. After all, hiking the minimum payments and bumping interest rates [...]

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10 credit card payment apps for small business

No cash? No problem. As credit card processing services reinvent themselves for the mobile era, there's now an app for that. Credit card payment apps transform any mobile device into a cash register and credit card terminal in one. Swipe-and-charge simplicity brings mobile sales to the masses. Traveling sales representatives, small-business owners and even yard-sale bargainers [...]

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Is a zero balance on a credit card bad?

There's a myth that carrying a balance on your credit cards will help your credit score. Of the Americans who use credit cards, half (about 54 percent) pay their balances in full every month, according to the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances. But can this practice help or hurt your credit history? In fact, it [...]

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Negotiate your way to better credit card terms

The honeymoon is over. In the beginning of your relationship, when your credit card was all shiny and new, it attracted your attention by teasing you with a low interest rate and the promise of a lifetime of lavish rewards and lots of laughs. So you and your card hooked up, and at first, it was [...]

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Should you "friend" your credit card?

You might not think twice about "friending" your BFF from high school or "following" your favorite movie star. But "liking" your credit card company? Feelings aside, connecting with credit card companies on Facebook or Twitter could garner you some big rewards. You could win free airline miles, pocket cash-back rewards, receive discounts on merchandise, or land [...]

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Which states are best for credit cards?

A curious reader recently wrote in to the CardRatings.com Ask the Expert feature to ask: "Are some states better than others when using a credit card?" Geoff Williams responds: Interesting question and kind of open-ended, so I'm not quite sure how to answer it for you, but let me give it a whirl. Do you mean is [...]

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Best credit cards for sports fans

Credit card issuers have discovered that loyalty cards and experienced-based rewards can help their products stand out in a crowded marketplace. Maybe you want to show your fan loyalty every time you open your wallet. Or, maybe you're willing to switch teams if it means getting a better deal on your daily purchases. Either way, [...]

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