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Student Credit Cards 101 Written by Geoff Williams Let's start with the basics: What is a student credit card? A student credit card is designed under the assumption that the applicant's credit history will be limited or non-existent since he or she is likely a first-time credit cardholder; furthermore, student credit cards often have bonuses or rewards programs geared specifically toward the [...]
Student credit cards on campus: Who's the biggest player? Written by Geoff Williams If you're the parent of a student in college, you probably aren't worrying too much about getting your son or daughter a new credit card. You have plenty of other things to worry about. Those pictures your son posts on Facebook, in which you hope, but rather doubt, that it's grape soda in that wine [...]
CardRatings.com Poll: 36% of Consumers Have Student Loan Debt on Credit Cards Written by Beverly Blair Harzog With the soaring cost of a college education, it's getting harder and harder for students to be completely debt free when they graduate. Many students do get loans through private or federal sources but some still use their credit cards to help them make ends meet. Recently, CardRatings.com teamed up with Chef2Chef.net, a culinary community and [...]
CardRatings.com Poll Finds Many Disagree with Law Restricting Credit to Students Written by CardRatings.com A recent poll conducted by CardRatings.com found that a many consumers disapprove of the new law restricting credit for consumers under the age of 21. Of the 956 respondents, 313 poll takers -- or 33 percent -- felt the new law is unfair.  One of the credit card industry's leading experts weighs in. "Considering how polarizing the student [...]
High School Students and Credit Cards - A Recipe for Disaster? Written by Rebecca Lindsey Ahhh, school days. Reading, writing, and rooting for your school football team. Hanging out at the mall and surfing the web. Ok, so things have changed a little since you were in school. The current generation of teenagers now has more purchasing power than ever, and companies are spending millions of dollars to get your [...]

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