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22 stupid things you're doing with your credit card

Credit cards are often vilified for the enticing ease with which you can get them, and the high interest rates you sometimes pay. However, in some cases you really do bring your problems on yourself. While the best credit cards can offer helpful rewards and provide you with a valuable financial tool, their misuse can [...]

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Don't Let Your Credit Card Issuer Cheat You Out of Reward Points

Falling merchant fees and tight profit margins have put the squeeze on many reward credit card offers. Although most credit card issuers lure new accounts by offering special deals on reward points, the terms and conditions of reward programs give lenders ample opportunities to avoid delivering on those promises. Watch your statements for signs of [...]

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Turbocharge Your Credit Card Rewards: Five Ways to Maximize Rebates

Maximizing credit card rewards in this environment of reward cutbacks is tricky at best. But here are a few tips that can help you leverage rewards no matter how bad the general market conditions are. Reward Credit Card Tip #1: Follow the KISS Method (Keep it Simple Silly!) When looking to maximize your card rewards, "keeping it [...]

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It's Not too Late to Save this Summer by Using Rebate Credit Cards

Editor's Note: The informative exchange below was gathered during an interview with the founder of CardRatings.com Curtis Arnold. Arnold is the noted author of How You Can Profit from Credit Cards. Fuel prices and a bumpy economy are troubling many summer travelers this year. That's why it's great to hear from Curtis Arnold, the founder of [...]

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Brokerage Reward Credit Cards: When Spending and Saving Mean the Same Thing

Rewards credit cards are nothing new to the credit card industry. But what about reward credit card offers that deposit cash-back directly into your brokerage account? The cards, called brokerage rewards credit cards, are definitely something new and the timing could not be better. Why Open a Brokerage Reward Card?The loss of home equity, marketable securities, [...]

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America's Love Affair with Credit Card Rewards and Rebates!

February....the month conjures up images of puppy love, romantic escapes, and red roses. Granted, credit cards are typically not viewed as being very romantic :) , but America's "love affair" with credit cards that offer rewards and rebates remains strong. Despite restrictions on card rewards, which seem to have grown over the years, the demand [...]

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