New CardRatings.com research names the best and worst states for credit conditions

As recession concerns loom, poor credit conditions put Nevada, Georgia and Louisiana on shaky ground while North Dakota leads all states with the best credit conditions. Foster City, CA – September 17, 2019 – CardRatings.com, a leader in credit card ratings, today released new research ranking the best and worst states for credit conditions. Highlighted by stark [...]

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Study: Best and worst states for credit conditions 2019

The time until the next recession may be running out. Have credit conditions in your state improved much since the last recession? While nationally the economy has been in an expansion for 10 years now, some states have made much more progress during the good times than others. This might leave the weaker states teetering on [...]

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Chase Freedom Unlimited® vs. Capital One® Quicksilver®

Two stellar cash-back rewards cards The peace of mind provided by flat-rate cash-back rewards cards cannot be overstated. With the CardName and the CardName, you are able to easily rack up cash-back rewards without having to keep an updated calendar of the rotating bonus categories or enroll every quarter in order to receive bonus cash back. [...]

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Getting the most out of credit card concierge services

While you probably know all about your credit card's cash back or rewards program, you may be less familiar with all the other benefits it offers. For instance, if you have a premium card, you probably have credit card concierge services, which takes stress off your shoulder when it comes to things like trip research, [...]

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How are credit card companies protecting your identity?

It's a scary world out there, and credit cards are on the front lines of defense. It used to be that when you got a credit card, you focused on the interest rate and, if you had a good credit score, you were probably keenly interested in the rewards program. Then, if you felt you had [...]

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One quarter of credit card churners say practice isn't worth it, CardRatings survey reveals

Credit card welcome offers are an easy way to rack up valuable points, miles or cash back. Maybe too easy as far as card issuers are concerned. Some rewards points enthusiasts have embraced a questionable practice to maximize signup bonuses. They open an account, charge only enough needed to earn the welcome bonus and then either [...]

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Disappearing features, new reward structures: Industry expert surveys credit card landscape

Beverly Harzog doesn't have a crystal ball to see what credit card bonuses, perks and features issuers might create next to entice new customers, but she does have the benefit of hindsight and experience. Harzog, a credit card expert and personal finance analyst with U.S. News and World Report, has about 30 years of experience in [...]

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Cash back reigns supreme, travel cards lag behind, CardRatings survey finds

Rewards credit cards are working hard to woo customers with welcome offers that award tens of thousands of bonus points or miles. However, points or miles may not be what cardholders want. Instead, most people opt for cash-back credit cards, according to a CardRatings.com survey of 1,750 credit cardholders. Nearly three out of four survey respondents [...]

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Survey: Cardholders unaware of money-saving credit card perks, benefits

You've been told repeatedly: Read the fine print. Why? Because when it comes to a contract's fine print, it may not be fine at all. There may be something confusing or costly, like extra fees, hidden in a lot of legalese. But, if you're like a lot of credit cardholders, you could also be missing out on [...]

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Survey: Rewards, not bonuses draw credit card applicants

Those flashy, lucrative welcome bonuses do entice people to apply for a new credit card, but a recent CardRatings survey revealed that a mega bonus isn't the primary thing people consider when applying for some of the most popular rewards cards on the market. In November and December 2018, CardRatings commissioned a survey of 200 users [...]

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