Study: 2018's best and worst states for credit conditions

Some people get into credit trouble no matter where they live, but credit conditions are clearly worse in some states than in others. Do you live in a state with good or bad credit conditions? Here are some examples of how much factors that affect credit can vary:A house in New Jersey is 32 times as [...]

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A small business credit card comes out with a healthy welcome bonus offer – but should you take it?

LogoImageListingUrlAmerican Express has announced a welcome offer bonus for CardName: up to 75,000 Membership Rewards® points! Those points could be worth more than $1,000 depending on how you choose to redeem them (more on that below). You’ll earn the first 50,000 bonus points after you spend $10,000 and the next 25,000 after you spend an additional $10,000 [...]

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5 credit card trends for 2018

Credit cards usage is nearing pre-Great Recession levels as Americans feel more confident about their jobs and economy. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently reported that the average credit line, number of accounts and outstanding card debt are all on the upswing. There isn't quite as much credit card debt (yet!) compared to before the recession, [...]

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Pay up: Americans' credit card interest payments are skyrocketing

Americans know the holiday shopping season can be rough on their credit card balances. What makes that especially ominous this time around is that consumers entered this year's spending spree with those card balances more burdensome than ever. Between rising credit card interest rates (and they're going up again with the recent Federal Reserve interest rate [...]

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Study: Despite increased wages, credit card debt greater in high cost-of-living states

Are the high prices where you live causing you to reach for your credit card just to make routine expenses or make ends meet? A new CardRatings study found that may be the case in certain high-cost areas of the country, especially in states where incomes do not adequately compensate for the cost of living. The [...]

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Earn 5% cash back at wholesale clubs, Amazon.com and more with these no-annual-fee credit cards

What are the CardName and CardName bonus categories? Another quarter, another chance for CardName discontinued and CardName cardholders to rack up 5 percent cash back in the rotating bonus categories. So what are the categories for Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2018? Well, if you're dreaming of turkey dinners, brightly colored packages and heading home for the holidays, you'll probably be pleased.LogoImageLiteDetailUrlLogoImageListingUrlIf you [...]

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Our credit card picks to grow your small business

Being a small business owner comes with a unique set of challenges. For one thing, you're often called upon to be a "Jack/Jill of all trades" and that can leave you feeling like a master of none. Streamlining and simplifying are always top priorities, so why are you still trying to make a personal credit card [...]

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The best and worst states for credit conditions

The U.S. economy has come a long way since the wreckage of the financial crisis, but some states have made more progress than others. Is your state one of the winners or is it one of the losers? Since 2011, CardRatings has ranked credit conditions in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, based on [...]

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Millennials wary of credit cards but keen on potential benefits, new survey finds

The $93 billion credit card market is massive and growing, but it’s probably not because of millennials. Maria Kagianas, a 20-year-old college student from Homer Glen, Ill., is one of those millennials who doesn’t have a credit card to pull out of her wallet. "I have a debit card that is satisfying my current needs as a [...]

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Get money back if a price drops weeks, even months after your purchase

Finding a few coins on the sidewalk can put a smile on your face and a jingle in your pocket. Now imagine receiving a similar unexpected reward because an online product has your back. As it turns out, there are ways to save money after you make your purchase, a relatively new way to slice and dice [...]

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