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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect your life and finances, CardRatings will remain committed to providing timely information related to credit cards and personal finance topics via our coronavirus financial services resource page. Email editor@cardratings.com with specific questions.


Lost income? Banks are more likely to reduce your credit card limit, survey reveals Written by CardRatings Staff Losing a job or seeing a reduction in income could mean you're relying more than normal on your credit cards to get you through, but there's bad news: 21% of recent survey respondents who've lost jobs since March 1 have seen banks reduce their credit limits in the past three months. A recent CardRatings survey revealed [...]
Freedom Unlimited® offers increased signup bonus, higher rewards category Written by Brooklyn Lowery The past several months have been, shall we say, odd. As the country has adjusted to life in the age of COVID-19, people have embraced new lifestyles, hobbies and spending habits. Banks, likewise, have been adjusting to their customers' needs. Chase has led the pack when it comes to banks responding to the new "normal" with [...]
Lost income impacts how people redeem credit card rewards, survey shows Written by CardRatings Staff Whether you've lost income or a job since the start of March could very well have an impact on how you're thinking about your credit cards and, more specifically, the way you're thinking about credit card rewards. But the changes may not be what you'd think. A recent CardRatings survey revealed that those with job or income [...]
Can you pay rent with a credit card? Written by Jennifer Doss Generally, yes, you can pay rent with a credit card. Should you pay rent with a credit card? The answer to this question is a bit more complicated.Paying rent with a credit card could have some benefits; or it could possibly be your only option at times. The right credit card can help offer you [...]
Is COVID-19 making balance transfer offers harder to come by? Written by Jennifer Doss The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way many companies conduct business, banks and credit card issuers included. For the most part, the changes we’ve seen within the credit card industry have been positive. Some issuers have added extra bonus categories and have expanded redemption options, for example. Other changes haven’t been quite as helpful, such [...]
How to manage your credit cards during a crisis Written by Jennifer Doss Global pandemics such as the COVID-19 outbreak tend to, understandably, send people into a frenzy. When it comes to managing your credit cards during a crisis, though, there are a number of things you can do to make sure you come out ahead financially. Credit cards can be incredibly valuable tools during tough times, but they [...]
Chase announces extra rewards for Sapphire cardholders Written by Brooklyn Lowery Credit card companies have been busy rolling out perks and features to help their existing customers continue to get the most out of their cards during this bizarre time. Everything from extra time to earn signup bonuses to new reward categories, reduced annual fees upon card renewal and even waiving late fees for missed payments, [...]
Survey: Rebooking COVID-canceled trips tops travel planning list Written by Brooklyn Lowery Much of the world is beginning to emerge from a months-long disruption caused by the unprecedented spread and toll of COVID-19. One area particularly hard hit by the pandemic was the travel industry. For many people, the spreading coronavirus meant abrupt cancellations to both trips months or years in the making as well as those intended [...]
A financial planner's advice on credit cards and more: Be intentional, be informed Written by Brooklyn Lowery Russ Ford started in the finance world straight out of college, drawn to the opportunity to connect with people on the kind of deep level that discussions about money allow. "For a number of years, I was a bit more of a product salesperson disguised as a financial planner rather than truly having the ability to [...]
Credit card rewards program updates in response to COVID-19 Written by Christina Majaski There’s a lot of uncertainty for everyone right now, especially when it comes to finances. Fortunately, credit card issuers are providing several ways to get through the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders a little more easily, from extending the time to earn signup bonuses to providing extra rewards for things like groceries, takeout, streaming services and more. Although [...]

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