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Who's been scanning your credit card?

Sometimes an invention can solve a problem. At other times, it can leave you wondering: Was this a problem to begin with? Think of the difference between a TV remote control and a Flowbee. Everyone likes to change the channel without getting out of the Barcolounger, but how many people want to cut hair using [...]

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Credit cards with chips: Are the urban legends true?

New technology usually comes with its share of consumer concerns. It's no surprise that urban legends and myths have proliferated about the new EMV chip credit cards. Here are a few of the most common, along with our expert opinion as to their veracity:PINs don't matter. True. Researchers from the University of Cambridge discovered that a fraudster [...]

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Your next credit card may change the way you shop

If you've recently traveled to Europe, or if you live in a popular tourist area in the United States, you may have noticed a new kind of credit card terminal at checkout counters. These devices combine the familiar magnetic stripe reader with up to two new sensors: a slot for credit cards with exposed "EMV [...]

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5 credit card habits you must kick

We've become so comfortable with our credit cards that it's easy to forget about being cautious. Even if your credit card boasts the best fraud protection in the business, you may still be leaving yourself vulnerable to identity thieves who can't wait to get their hands on your account details. CardRatings asked consumer advocates, financial [...]

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Virtual credit cards: smart move or waste of time?

According to the 2011 Identity Fraud Survey Report released by Javelin Strategy & Research in February, the number of identity fraud victims in the U.S. dropped 28 percent in 2010, the first decline since 2007. However, the nightly news is rife with reports of hackers gaining access to personal financial data, keeping consumers nervous that their [...]

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Credit Card Fraud and Credit Related Scams: How to Protect Yourself from Becoming a Victim

Do you often feel as though you must be on the lookout at every turn, because there are people out there just waiting to rip you off? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that might not be a bad idea. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission released the results of a Consumer Fraud Survey. [...]

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Protecting Your Credit Following Identity Theft: A Step-by-Step Plan of Action

New changes in the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) regarding identity theft are presented here. Further detailed information can be found at the Federal Trade Commission site, http://www.ftc.gov/, under Fair Credit Reporting Act . This is just a general step-by-step guide to start the process.File Police Report:It is very important to establish time of discovery [...]

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