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Inside the world of Centurion cardholder Don Sabatini

Rumors and speculation abound when it comes to the very best credit cards such as the infamous, invitation-only American Express Centurion card, also called the "black card." How do you get invited? Who has one? We contacted 29-year-old entrepreneur Don Sabatini, founder and chairman of SecretEntourage.com and a Centurion member, to get the truth about the [...]

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How can I raise MY debt ceiling?

Do you have the best credit card you can qualify for? Maybe you did when you applied for your current card, but by now you may have improved your credit score or increased your income, and you think you deserve some extra headroom when it comes to making purchases. Or perhaps you have plans for [...]

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Charging for charity: Credit card issuers give back

Credit card companies have been playing "the heavy" for the last few years, and it's easy to understand why. As many consumers emerge from years of big debt accumulated on plastic, they point the finger back at financial-services providers, just like pod person Donald Sutherland fingering Veronica Cartwright at the end of the 1978 "Invasion of [...]

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Travel disaster protection? Your credit card

Safety in numbers, we're always taught. It's smarter to go out late at night with someone accompanying you than to make your way alone, and those who hike in the rugged wilderness without a companion could wind up like that guy in "127 Hours." Some personal finance and travel experts offer a similar take on [...]

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Uncle Sam's got your back: 7 sites for credit card help

With all of the new laws and revised regulations affecting credit cards, you need a guide to help you understand what's changed. And what better resource than the federal government that oversees the new rules. You can get answers to questions, tips on paying down debt, and an explanation of your legal rights on the websites [...]

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8 unexpected places to use your credit card

When the weekend comes and you're shopping in town, poking around a flea market or going to church, you used to need cash. At the flea or farmers' market you had to hit up the on-site ATM (and pay those exorbitant service fees) or miss out on a cool find if the vendor wouldn't accept [...]

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Using your credit card to plan an extraordinary day for love

Do you have the vision of sweeping your partner off his or her feet with an elaborate Valentine's Day plan? One CardRatings.com reader had an opulent scheme for asking the love of his life to marry him. "We would travel by train throughout Italy, where I would wait for a perfect Italian sunset to drop to [...]

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Credit Card Company Secrets: 5 Things "They" Don't Want You to Know

No. 1 Most-Viewed CardRatings.com Article of 2011* It's hard to believe, but sometimes credit card issuers don't have your best interests at heart. There are a few things, in particular, that would really help you save money on your credit cards. If you were aware of them, that is. So here's a top five list of things [...]

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Top 5 signs you need a new credit card

Life changes. It happens whether we like it to or not. And when changes occur, we often develop new credit card needs. Sometimes the signs that you need a new card are subtle. But sometimes they smack you right in the face. If you experience any of the following, maybe it's time for you and your [...]

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5 credit card traps that can ruin your retirement

Your golden years should be filled with things you've always dreamed about. Maybe it's a cruise to the Mediterranean with your significant other. Or maybe you're just looking forward to having the time to attend your grandson's baseball games. These dreams can quickly turn into nightmares if you aren't careful about the way you handle credit [...]

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