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Top 5 signs you need a new credit card

Life changes. It happens whether we like it to or not. And when changes occur, we often develop new credit card needs. Sometimes the signs that you need a new card are subtle. But sometimes they smack you right in the face. If you experience any of the following, maybe it's time for you and your [...]

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5 credit card traps that can ruin your retirement

Your golden years should be filled with things you've always dreamed about. Maybe it's a cruise to the Mediterranean with your significant other. Or maybe you're just looking forward to having the time to attend your grandson's baseball games. These dreams can quickly turn into nightmares if you aren't careful about the way you handle credit [...]

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Money and Happiness: Personal Finance Tips From a Hot New Book

I recently visited with J.D. Roth, founder of GetRichSlowly.org, to talk about his new book, Your Money: The Missing Manual (O'Reilly Media, 2010). If you're struggling with financial issues, this book might be just what you need.  Q: You write a lot about money and happiness in your book. Can you explain why you think it's [...]

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How to Make Your Credit Cards Pay for Your Honeymoon

If you're like most American newlyweds, you'll probably budget at least $5,000 for your honeymoon. With some skill and flexibility, most of that won't have to be your own money. "Travel hacking" your honeymoon has become easier than ever, thanks to eager credit card companies and information you can look up for free online. Use [...]

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Why Lack of Financial Literacy is Crippling Consumers, Part 4 - Essential Terms for Life Insurance

Editor's Note:  This article is a guest post from Amy Danise, Senior Managing Editor of Insure.com. It is the fourth in a four-part series on financial literacy. If you're healthy, you'll likely receive good life insurance quotes for your age and sail through the buying process. But life insurance shoppers with a less-than-ideal medical history should have a good [...]

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Why Lack of Financial Literacy is Crippling Consumers, Part 3 - Tracking Mortgage Rates

Editor's Note:  This article is a guest post from Keith T. Gumbinger, Vice President at HSH Associates, Financial Publishers. It is the third in a four-part series on financial literacy. Perhaps the most frequently asked question we field at HSH.com is, "Where are mortgage rates today--and where are they headed?" It's a simple enough question, but there isn't a [...]

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Why Lack of Financial Literacy is Crippling Consumers, Part 2 - Choosing a Bank Account

Editor's Note:  This article is a guest post from Richard Barrington, personal finance expert at MoneyRates.com. It is the second in a four-part series on financial literacy. Whether you've had a bank account for years or are looking to start your first account, understanding how bank deposit products work can help protect you from potential problems and earn [...]

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Credit Union Credit Cards: The Bad, the Good, and the Excellent

There are numerous options when it comes to credit cards, including Credit Unions. While Credit Union credit cards aren't an option for everyone, there are some great upsides that you might not be aware of. Here are a few of the perks: Excellent customer service. Why is customer service at credit unions generally superior to banks? Because [...]

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Been Rate Jacked? 3 Ways to Stand Up to Your Double Crossing Credit Card Issuer

Credit card rate hikes have become a popular strategy for lenders who want to purge their portfolios of less profitable accounts. New federal credit card regulations give consumers the power to reject a credit card rate increase, but only at the expense of an active credit line. "Freezing" a credit line to lock in favorable [...]

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Are you in a money fog? The psychology of money and credit cards.

Karen McCall is a nationally recognized consultant, trainer, and speaker on effective money management and its role in overall financial and emotional stability. She is also founder and owner of the Financial Recovery Institutesm. Karen was recently approached regarding how psychology and consumer attitudes affect our use of credit cards. Can you elaborate on how psychology [...]

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