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14 ways to raise your FICO score

If you want to save big money on a big loan, do your homework, say the experts. Raising your credit score by as little as 40 points could qualify you for a lower interest on a home mortgage or an auto, student or personal loan. Think of it this way--if you take out a $50,000 loan [...]

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Is a zero balance on a credit card bad?

There's a myth that carrying a balance on your credit cards will help your credit score. Of the Americans who use credit cards, half (about 54 percent) pay their balances in full every month, according to the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances. But can this practice help or hurt your credit history? In fact, it [...]

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Can your credit score help the card issuer?

Everyone knows about the FICO score, but it's not the only thing credit card companies look at when deciding how much of a credit card deal to offer you. You probably won't be surprised to learn that credit card companies consider your revenue, or how much money comes in, when deciding whether to offer you credit. [...]

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Forget FICO: What’s your application score?

There's a lot of worry going around about the FICO credit score. It can be like a sleeping giant you don't want to wake. Carry too much debt, and you could wake the giant and see your score plummet. Never carry debt, and the giant won't like that either. Apply for too many credit cards at [...]

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Demystifying your credit score

Credit card issuers make fast decisions, bolstered by credit scores that boil down the last decade of your financial history into a three-digit score. A difference of a few points can upgrade your credit card rewards program or eliminate a balance transfer fee. However, few of us take the time to understand where our credit [...]

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What your mail says about your credit score

Once upon a time, letter carriers delivered, well, letters. You could expect cards from Grandma with $5 bills or handwritten notes from friends just saying hi. Much of that communication takes place over email now (except Grandma's dollars, if you're lucky). Today, your mailbox has become the destination of bills, solicitations and, on a bad day, [...]

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Top 5 credit card books to download on your Kindle

The interest in eBooks is on the rise. And why not? If you love to read, reading a book on Kindle is a great way to indulge your passion while spending less money than you would at the bookstore. Reading books on Kindle also fits in with our on-the-go lifestyles. Whether you're on a business [...]

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5 Common Mistakes That Can Cripple Your Credit Score

Have you ever been surprised when your FICO score dropped? Most likely, it's because you made one of the five mistakes below. Most people aren't aware of the impact some of these actions have. And what's interesting is that it appears that the higher your FICO score, the greater the drop when you make a [...]

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Demystifying the Credit Scoring / Rating Process

Have you ever wondered if you had "good credit" or "bad credit" and how creditors, such as banks, determine if you are creditworthy. If so, you are not alone. For decades the procedure most creditors have used to determine your creditworthiness or rating has been shrouded in secrecy. Fortunately, though, recent legislation in California has [...]

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12 Surefire ways to boost your credit score

Unless you’re in the rare group of folks with an 850 credit score, seeking improvement to that important 3-digit number should always be the goal. But, bringing your credit score up can be a challenge, especially if you’ve made past credit mistakes. There are a few tried and true tricks to improving your credit score: [...]

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