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Best cash-back reward credit cards for 2017 from our partners

TABLE OF CONTENTS TYPES OF CASH-BACK CREDIT CARDS EDITOR’S PICKS: BEST CASH-BACK CREDIT CARDS QUESTIONS TO ASK USING YOUR CASH-BACK REWARDS: BEST PRACTICES [RELATED_ARTICLE] Cash-back credit cards can be worthwhile tools to have in your financial workshop. They offer cardholders the chance to earn rewards on everyday purchases and, in some cases, even offer bonus cash back in specific categories. The key [...]

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Best credit cards for luxury perks

In "The Millionaire Next Door," authors Thomas Stanley and William Danko reveal how America's wealthiest individuals don't always look like millionaires. Nor do they necessarily spend very much of the money in their bank accounts. Banks use luxury credit card perks to add value for customers with big balances, so they won't transfer those funds [...]

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Best gas reward credit cards from our partners

When it comes to getting out and about, most people choose to jump in their cars. That means that most people also have to choose to stop at a gas station periodically if they want to keep getting out and about. Enter the gas rewards credit card. Now, this does not necessarily mean your rewards are [...]

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Best credit cards for college students from our partners

The relationships you build with banks during college can directly impact future life events such as the job offers you'll get, the kind of credit card deals you'll qualify for, and the amount of interest you'll pay on a home or car loan. Because of this, establishing a healthy credit history as a young adult [...]

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Best no foreign transaction fee credit cards of 2017 from our partners

Whether you spend months saving for that big trip overseas or you have the funds to globe trot regularly, you probably don’t like the idea of paying up to a 5 percent fee each time you use your credit card outside the United States. The fact is, more than 80 million Americans traveled abroad in [...]

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Best credit cards for summer vacation from our partners

Sure, you probably don't plan your summer vacation around your credit cards, but you do pay for it with them. So somewhere in the insanity of trying to reserve a spot at the kennel for your dog and trying to get your friends or your spouse or kids excited about your idea for where you'd [...]

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Best balance transfer cards for 2017

If you are carrying a balance on one or more of your credit cards but are committed to paying that balance off or simply need to minimize interest payments until you can eliminate your balance, a balance transfer card may be an important component of your debt-reduction strategy. Not all balance transfer credit card offers are [...]

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Best credit cards for the annual fee

Unless you're someone who needs a specialist credit card that helps people rebuild their credit, chances are you can choose from a whole array of plastic that doesn't levy an annual fee. In fact, those fees are a somewhat rare nowadays. So why would consumers volunteer to pay for something they could get free? Obviously, they [...]

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5 best low APR credit cards of 2017 from our partners

Even though many zero-percent-APR introductory offers have been getting longer lately, a low-interest credit card can help you prepare for an emergency expense or for a moment when you might not qualify to surf your balance interest-free.  The best low APR credit card offers typically come with no annual fee and require excellent credit. CardName LogoImageListingUrl About Our [...]

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CardRatings.com's Hall of Shame: Worst credit cards of 2012

This year's editor's choice awards illustrated so much of the positive change sweeping the personal finance business. With banks competing on price and service, consumers enjoy access to affordable, useful tools to manage their credit and make secure shopping decisions. Still, a handful of companies keep trying to cash in on your worst fears about [...]

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