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Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Getting the benefits of a balance transfer card Written by Susan Manning Are your credit cards doing some heavy holiday lifting this season -- maybe a family vacation to Cabo or life in general is giving your wallet a wallop? Whatever the reason, credit card debt is no way to start the new year, so it's time to take a step toward lowering yours. One way to get [...]
Pay down your credit card debt with this two-step process Written by Liz Taurasi Looking for the quickest way to pay down your credit card debt without paying exorbitant interest rates or hurting your credit? One of the best ways to get debt under control and minimize what you're paying in interest is to take a two-step approach that begins with transferring those balances. Take advantage of some of [...]
Is a balance transfer credit card offer right for you? Written by Brooklyn Lowery Fifty-seven percent. That's the number of Americans with a credit card who carried a credit card balance at least once in the 12 months prior to the Federal Reserve's Report on the Economic Wellbeing of American Households in 2015 released in May 2016. Of that number, 51 percent reported that they carried a balance "some [...]
Should I get a balance-transfer credit card? Written by Mitch Lipka Anyone who has found themselves struggling to pay off the balance of a credit card with a steep interest rate is going to be tempted by the chance to relieve some of the pressure by lowering the interest rate, or going interest free, with a new balance-transfer credit card. But is it really that simple? Not [...]
Tackle debt with no-fee balance-transfer cards Written by Peter Andrew Do you have credit card debt? You're hardly alone if you do. A September 2014 report from the Federal Reserve reveals 38.1 percent of American families were carrying forward card balances last year. If the amounts involved are small, this needn't bother you much, but they can be a real burden if they start to [...]
4 balance transfer snafus that can ding your credit Written by Jeffrey Steele The days of letting credit card cash advances pile up in high-yield savings accounts are behind us. Still, balance transfer credit card offers proliferate as credit card issuers compete for market share. Does it still make sense for you to surf a card balance from one credit card to another? The answer, and how vigorously it's [...]
Shaky job? 7 ways to manage your credit Written by Geoff Williams Credit cards are never more dangerous than when you're unemployed. Of course, if you're underemployed, they're quite dicey as well. If you don't dread carrying credit card debt and being unemployed, you can always ask someone who's out of work. It's simple math. When your income is dropping, and your debt is growing, the outcome is [...]
The new rules of the balance transfer game Written by Jeffrey Steele Life was once good for balance transfer card hacks. Very good indeed. Some of history's best balance transfer credit card offers ensured life was good. Back in the day, credit card companies didn't merely charge zero interest for months and cap or outright waive transfer fees for new cardholders for an initial period. They also applied [...]
The comeback of the balance transfer credit card Written by Beth Orenstein Remember those credit card deals that would let you transfer your balance from one credit card to another, pay few or no fees and get zero percent interest for years? If you thought those balance transfer offers had gone the way of the dinosaur, there's good news. These offers are back. Consumer credit experts say low [...]
Using Balance Transfer Responsibly Written by Mike Killian Taking advantage of balance transfer credit card offers to save on interest charges has been popular for many years. But considering today's economy, are they still a viable option? Many financial groups that offer credit cards have increased their balance transfer fee from 3% to 4%. Curtis Arnold, Founder of Cardratings.com and author of the book [...]

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