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Best no foreign transaction fee credit cards of 2018 from our partners

Whether you spend months saving for that big trip overseas or you have the funds to globe trot regularly, you probably don’t like the idea of paying up to a 5 percent fee each time you use your credit card outside the United States. The fact is, more than 80 million Americans traveled abroad in [...]

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Best credit cards for airport lounge access from our partners

TABLE OF CONTENTSCardName CardName CardName CardName CardName CardName CardName Citi Prestige® CardLet's face it: Airports are not generally the most pleasant of environments what with their fluorescent lights, blaring intercoms, screaming children and harried travelers. Enter the airport lounge – an oasis in the midst of an otherwise chaotic experience. Access to these lounges, however, can be pricey. An annual pass could set you [...]

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7 ways to get the most from your miles

Using an airline credit card can be fun, if you don't mind the bills. Every purchase can allow you to daydream about how to use the airline miles you're earning. A trip to Hawaii in the winter or flying the family to Disneyland sounds like fun…until you try to redeem those miles. "It's harder than ever [...]

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Best airline rewards credit cards from our partners

Airline travel has come a long way – and not necessarily in the right direction – from its "golden age" in the 1950s. Gone are the days of five-star cuisine and abundant leg room during what can only be called a truly magnificent experience. In those days, the journey was part of the joy. Fast forward [...]

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5 ways to get the most mileage from an airline credit card

The skies just got a little less friendly for frequent fliers. Southwest and Qantas are the latest in a long list of airlines to tighten the screws on their loyalty programs. The new restrictions are part of an industrywide effort to eke out more profit without raising base fares. Frequent flier value: a vanishing act The same [...]

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