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Best no foreign transaction fee credit cards of July 2020 Written by Jennifer Doss Best no foreign transaction fee credit cards of July 2020 Using a credit card that charges foreign transaction fees could cost cardholders who frequently travel abroad hundreds of extra dollars a year. CardRatings editors break down the best no foreign transaction fee credit cards and discuss their numerous perks.Consider this: If your card charges a [...]
Best credit cards for airport lounge access of July 2020 Written by Brooklyn Lowery TABLE OF CONTENTSBEST CREDIT CARDS FOR AIRPORT LOUNGE ACCESS HOW TO CHOOSE A CREDIT CARD FOR AIRPORT LOUNGE ACCESSList of Top PicksCardName - For Personal Use CardName - For Business UseLet's face it: Airports are not generally the most pleasant of environments, what with their fluorescent lights, blaring intercoms, screaming children and harried travelers. Enter the airport [...]
7 ways to get the most from your miles Written by Aaron Crowe Using an airline credit card can be fun, if you don't mind the bills. Every purchase can allow you to daydream about how to use the airline miles you're earning. A trip to Hawaii in the winter or flying the family to Disneyland sounds like fun…until you try to redeem those miles. "It's harder than ever [...]
Best airline rewards credit cards of July 2020 Written by Jennifer Doss Best airline rewards credit cards of July 2020 Finding the best credit card for your travel plans doesn't have to be difficult. CardRatings editors reveal the best airline rewards credit cards for both personal and business travel.Airlines are vying for your loyalty any which way they can get it. Some offer lower prices, others [...]
5 ways to get the most mileage from an airline credit card Written by Clare Kaufman The skies just got a little less friendly for frequent fliers. Southwest and Qantas are the latest in a long list of airlines to tighten the screws on their loyalty programs. The new restrictions are part of an industrywide effort to eke out more profit without raising base fares. Frequent flier value: a vanishing act The same [...]

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