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Should you use your tax refund to pay off credit card debt?

Your tax refund came and it’s pretty big, so you're thinking of going on a vacation. Or maybe you’ll make some home improvements?  Or just stick it in your checking account to enjoy having extra money for a change… All worthy thoughts, but let us humbly suggest another, possibly less fun, idea: use your tax refund [...]

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Capital One® Venture® vs. Capital One® VentureOne®

Recognized among our best credit cards of 2019 thanks to their solid bonus reward offers and flat-rate earning structures, both the CardName discontinued and the CardName discontinued are attractive travel rewards credit card options for anyone looking to earn miles on every dollar they spend with their card — no matter the amount or the [...]

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Chase Sapphire Preferred® vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Frequent travelers are sure to appreciate the fact that both the CardName discontinued and the CardName discontinued earns users multiple points per dollar spent not only on airline purchases, but on all travel related expenses, such as taxi rides and hotel stays, as well. This, paired with high-value introductory offers and a number of great travel [...]

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Survey: Rewards, not bonuses draw credit card applicants

Those flashy, lucrative welcome bonuses do entice people to apply for a new credit card, but a recent CardRatings survey revealed that a mega bonus isn't the primary thing people consider when applying for some of the most popular rewards cards on the market. In November and December 2018, CardRatings commissioned a survey of 200 users [...]

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2019 comparisons: Balance transfer credit cards

The last of the pine needles have been swept from the carpet, you've put the holiday tunes away until next year and the last Christmas cookie has finally been eaten. But still your holiday spending credit card debt remains. And with interest rates having done nothing but go up in 2018 (and likely continuing to do [...]

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Getting the benefits of a balance transfer card

Are your credit cards doing some heavy holiday lifting this season -- maybe a family vacation to Cabo or life in general is giving your wallet a wallop? Whatever the reason, credit card debt is no way to start the new year, so it's time to take a step toward lowering yours. One way to get [...]

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Best credit cards for good credit from our partners

TABLE OF CONTENTSBEST TRAVEL REWARDS CARDS FOR GOOD CREDIT SCORES BEST CASH-BACK REWARDS CARDS FOR GOOD CREDIT SCORES BEST LOW INTEREST CARDS FOR GOOD CREDIT SCORESThough "good credit" isn't quite "excellent credit," it's still possible to qualify for some of the best credit cards. It takes work to get to the "good" level, and just because you [...]

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American Express® Membership Rewards®

American Express® Membership Rewards® Back in the 1970s, American Express® had a famous tagline in its commercials declaring that customers should never leave home without their American Express® travelers' checks. Though the ad campaign may be long gone today and people may not use travelers' checks the way they once did, American Express®' hope and message [...]

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Guide to Chase Ultimate Rewards® points

If you have a Chase credit card with rewards points (and not all of them have them), then you have a card that can collect Ultimate Rewards® points, which can be redeemed for numerous perks, including cash back, gift cards and travel. Intrigued? Here's how to take full advantage of Ultimate Rewards® points. Credit cards with [...]

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Which Chase Ink business card is right for you?

If you're not already using a small business credit card to get bonus rewards for your company's routine purchases or to save you money on things like travel and warranty protection or car insurance, you're leaving money on the table. However, while we certainly agree that small business credit cards are a great way to [...]

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