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The following websites offer some very helpful information regarding credit cards. Please note that we are not responsible for any of the content contained on these sites and that we are not officially endorsing any of the websites featured on this page.

Comprehensive source of information regarding personal finance issues. Administered by Mary Ann Campbell, who has served as Chair of the National Women's Business Council (a presidentially appointed position). Mary Ann has consistently been a loyal advocate of our organization.

Good Credit is Sexy
"Good Credit is Sexy", a new book by Kristy Welsh, offers an in-depth credit repair tutorial.

The Money Mammals
The Money Mammals are a great way to teach your kid about finances and money matters. They offer DVDs and other resources to teach your kid to become financially responsible.

Ultimate Credit
This website is the brainchild of Gerri Detweiler. Detweiler has been helping Americans solve their credit problems for more than a decade. She is the author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook (Plume, 1993, revised 1997), which was featured in Money magazine as one of the five best new personal finance books of the year when released. She is also co-author of Slash Your Debt: Save Money & Secure Your Future (Financial Literacy Center, 1999), and Invest In Yourself: Six Secrets to a Rich Life (Wiley, October 1998), which was recommended in USA Today and Kiplingers magazine.

Self-Help Debt Reduction Software
Award-winning software that will help you slash your credit card debt.

A "message board driven site" that contains a wealth of information related to general credit issues, including credit scoring. This site is the brainchild of Linda Pack, who has contributed frequently to our own message board. Great job Linda!

Selecting the Right Financing Solution
Making wise financing decisions involving home purchases, home refinancing, home equity loans, home construction, debt management, college financing, auto purchases, etc. requires a simple review of lending issues. This review can give you a negotiating advantage when you submit your application via a nationwide network of community bank lenders. Submit one form, get up to four offers, and they use your knowledge to negotiate best rate and product. Other financial tips are offered as well.

Life Event Management Center
Moving through the game of life requires decisions that can impact your life success. Let's us help you make the right decisions by navigating our life centers for going to college, planning your career, buying/building your first home, managing expenses, lowering your bills, checking your credit, investing for the future, making home improvements, and more.

The It's a Habit! Company, Inc.
The "It's a Habit!" Company, Inc. (IAHC) is a socially conscious corporation, based in Los Angeles, California. The company is dedicated to sharing two empowering life messages with children, families and educators as often as possible and in as many different forms as possible: (1) Saving is a Habit! (2) From every dollar save a dime! The company produces its own music and books geared toward educating elementary school children about money issues.

This site is maintained by Dr. Robert Manning, a University of Houston professor who is considered one of the leading credit card experts in the nation. Dr. Manning's recently published CREDIT CARD NATION: The Consequences of America's Addiction to Credit (Basic Books, 2000) has received rave reviews. Dr. Manning has also contributed to several pro-consumer state and federal bills concerning marketing of credit cards to college students, consumer bankruptcy reform, and predatory "payday" lending.

Loantech LLC
Loantech LLC is the nation's leading provider of mortgage and escrow audits to homeowners and financial institutions. Founded in 1983, the firm also provides mortgage auditing software and consulting services to the mortgage and financial services industries. The firm's founder and president is David Ginsburg, a nationally known mortgage expert and the author of The Armcheck Manual and the Homeowner Escrow Kit.

Sound Mind Investing
Sound Mind Investing is America's premier Christian financial newsletter. Published since 1990 and read by over 10,000 monthly subscribers, it offers specific financial and investing recommendations that make it easy to use whether you're a financial expert or just beginning on the road to financial freedom.

The ConsumerMan
The ConsumerMan, aka Herb Weisbaum, provides a site that is packed with the information you need to be a smarter consumer. The site provides information to help you save time and money. With a proven 25-year track record of helping people across the country, Herb Weisbaum truly is America's Consumer Expert. His award-winning reports have exposed everything from quack medications to bogus investments.

FFA Family Financial Advocates, Inc.
FFA offers fiduciary practices and standards, stewardship, professional portfolio management and unique financial education products for the entire family.

The Coalition for Responsible Lending
Based in North Carolina, the Coalition is dedicated to the principles of fair lending, including equitable treatment of all borrowers, fair and reasonable financing terms, accurate loan servicing, and a commitment to building up disadvantaged communities. We are proud to support their efforts.

Consumer World
A leading site for consumer related information. Includes valuable credit related links and resources.

C.A.R.E. Credit Abuse Resistance Education Program
The Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) Program is a grassroots, free financial literacy initiative that makes bankruptcy professionals (judges, trustees, attorneys and court staff) available to high school and college educators to give live presentations that teach students important personal finance lessons, tactics and techniques on how to use consumer credit wisely.

The Frugal Shopper
This site offers a comprehensive listing of bargains, freebies, coupons, frugal living tips and hints and much more.

Consumer City
Get information about credit cards, insurance, credit scores, debt collection, identity theft, health club memberships, credit reports, alerts, advice, resources, free stuff and more!

Consumer Action
Consumer Action is a non-profit, membership-based organization that was founded in San Francisco in 1971. Since then, Consumer Action has continued to serve consumers nationwide by advancing consumer rights, referring consumers to complaint-handling agencies through our free hotline, publishing educational materials in Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese and other languages, advocating for consumers in the media and before lawmakers, and comparing prices on credit cards, bank accounts, and long distance services.

Federal Reserve Board
Offers card education and a semi-annual listing of credit cards.

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
Offers personal finance education to K-12 students. We are proud to support Jump$tart by volunteering our time to further their outreach efforts.

Learning Credit and Debt Management
Mike Killian, founder of Learning Credit and Debt Management, has been an Internet Guide/Writer in the field of Credit/Debt Management for over 10 years. His site was awarded Best Of Net by Forbes Publication from 2000 to 2005 with site visitation doubling to over 500,000 average views per month in the last year. Mike offers you his passion, integrity, and extensive experience in the field of credit and debt management.

Center for Student Credit Card Education, Inc.
In 2001, Carol Carolan, Ph.D., founded the Center for Student Credit Card Education, Inc. (CSCCE) after learning that many students were accumulating excessive credit card debt during their college years. Irresponsible credit card use can negatively affect academic performance, can result in a poor credit history, and even affect one's mental health. CSCCE offers many free resources to help educate students about responsible credit card usage.

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization founded in 1983, created the website TruthAboutCredit.org in 2001 to educate consumers about credit cards and to combat deceptive credit card practices. The site offers several consumer resources related to credit, including a downloadable brochure describing how consumers can avoid credit card hazards.

Accelerated Debt Consolidation, Inc.
Accelerated Debt Consolidation, Inc is a full service debt management firm known for providing the highest quality debt consolidation service in the industry. Accelerated specializes in reducing high interest rates on revolving accounts for consumers that want to maintain their credit rating.

ABBA Associates Inc.
Assisting people in mapping a successful life plan. Don't wish it was easier; wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems; wish for more skills. Don't wish for fewer challenges; wish for increased wisdom.

Budget Stretcher
Free budgeting newsletter and budgeting resources.

Crown Financial
Provides advice on credit/money related issues from a ethical standpoint.

FTC Facts for Consumers
Credit, ATM and Debit Cards: What to do if they're lost or stolen.

FTC Fraud Advice
Tips on avoiding credit and charge card fraud.

Consumer Jungle
Promoting Consumer Literacy for Young Adults

FTC Credit Card Consumer Alert
Consumer alert about credit card loss protection offers.

Award-winning general reference site courtesy of Mr. Bob Drudge.

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