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What's the fuss about chip-and-PIN credit cards? Written by Maryalene LaPonsie July 19, 2013 Chip-and-PIN credit cards seem to be getting a lot of press lately. Take a spin through the blogosphere, and you'll find plenty of travelers bemoaning the lack of U.S. chip-and-PIN cards and how it is increasingly difficult to use credit cards in Europe without this technology. If you are feeling a bit befuddled about chip-and-PIN cards, [...] Posted in: Travel Credit Cards
Hotel points changing -- might be time to get a new rewards credit card Written by Maryalene LaPonsie March 15, 2013 By now, you may have heard a number of hotel chains either have revamped their loyalty programs or will be very soon. The changes are not particularly good news for consumers either. For the most part, points are being devalued, and consumers will need to save up more to earn free nights and upgrades. While the [...] Posted in: Travel Credit Cards

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