$688.62 on highlighters, crayons and binders? Really? Written by Geoff Williams August 29, 2012 The National Retail Federation says that the average back-to-school costs for American families will be $688.62 this year. At first, I thought that was way too high and hyped up. My daughters, eight and 10, do have a long list. My third grader -- I'm looking at her list right now -- has 23 items on [...] Posted in: Other
Why my Visa statement will show a charge for one pony Written by Geoff Williams August 22, 2012 I had a reminder today, how easy it can be to take leave of your senses and want to use your credit card for something you can't afford. My eight-year-old daughter, Lorelei, lost her pet rat today. Looking concerned, she came into my home office where I was sitting at my computer and trying to think [...] Posted in: Other
Mobile wallets won't make our lives any easier Written by Geoff Williams August 1, 2012 Someday, the conventional wisdom and statistics keep telling us, we're all going to throw out our wallets and replace them with digital phones. As The Los Angeles Times recently reported, quoting numbers from the research firm, Gartner Inc., by 2016, payments over mobile phones will reach $617 billion worldwide, up from last year's $105 billion. Then [...] Posted in: Other
What were people of the past predicting today's credit card would look like? Written by Geoff Williams June 13, 2012 It's always fun to make predictions about the future, but it's even more fun to look back and see what people of yesteryear were saying about today. Obviously, the creators of those Jetsons cartoons have a lot of answer for. I got to thinking about this with the recent passing of Ray Bradbury, obviously one of [...] Posted in: Other
If your credit card could talk, what would it say? Written by Geoff Williams May 11, 2012 So are you planning on getting the new talking credit card, Visa Voice? Actually, there's no such thing, but for a few seconds, before I realized I had stumbled onto the satirical fake news website, The Onion, I completely bought into its fake press release. The Onion "reported" that Visa held a press event earlier this week [...] Posted in: Other
"Your credit card has been declined…" Written by Geoff Williams April 6, 2012 Having your credit card declined is almost a rite of passage, I suppose, for people who aren't incredibly rich. It's hard to imagine that any adult can go through life without their credit card or debit card being declined at least once, even if it's just a technical snafu. Which is what happened last Sunday, [...] Posted in: How Cards Work Other Credit Card Companies
Are politicians giving credit cards a bad name? Written by Geoff Williams March 23, 2012 Credit cards have a politician problem. Of course, nobody's talking about that. Everyone's discussing Mitt Romney, and how he has been getting a lot of grief for one of his advisers making a crack about political campaigning being like an Etch-a-Sketch. But since I write a lot about credit cards, I've been thinking about how frequently [...] Posted in: Other
Check's in the mail, the postmark may prove it Written by Geoff Williams February 17, 2012 Panicking because you haven't paid your credit card bill yet? You may get a few extra days. Eight House Democrats are trying to fix a problem that has plagued credit card holders for years: when you send a check to a credit card company, you never really know if your mail will arrive before the deadline [...] Posted in: How Cards Work Other
Credit card tips for Super Bowl LI between the Falcons and Pats Written by Geoff Williams January 27, 2012 If you're going to Super Bowl LI (51 for those of you who aren't Roman numeral experts) in Houston Feb. 5, chances are, you're packing more than your toothbrush. If you're thinking ahead to the costs and identity security factors involved with traveling to a super popular, once-a-year event, you're bringing along your credit cards. [...] Posted in: Other
Credit card spending is up: good news for economy? Written by Geoff Williams December 12, 2011 Credit card spending continues its steady climb, overtaking debit cards for the first time in three years. Does this mean consumers are out of the woods? Or just out of money? More people are now using credit cards than debit cards, according to First Data, an Atlanta-based payment processing company that processes card transactions for 4.1 [...] Posted in: Other

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