Why do credit card companies keep sending so much junk mail? Written by Geoff Williams November 4, 2011 The answer is simple - volume. Even though the vast majority of the mail is never read, enough people sign up to make the campaigns worthwhile. Hate junk mail? Often complain about it to friends and family? Then the next time you do, here are a few fun facts you can memorize and include in your [...] Posted in: Other
Should you pay your utility bill with a credit card if you can? Written by Geoff Williams September 22, 2011 Paying your utility bill with a credit card? For some credit card users, it could be a smart idea. For others, not so much. And in some cases it can be impossible, for instance, if the utility doesn't accept credit card payments, which is sometimes the case, although debit cards seem to be accepted more readily. And [...] Posted in: Other How Cards Work
Your credit card could get ugly if the debt ceiling isn't raised Written by Geoff Williams July 14, 2011 If the U.S. debt ceiling isn't raised, the floor on your credit could give out. Not to mention the walls, the front porch and the back yard. Anyone who hasn't been paying much attention to the debt ceiling fight in Congress may have little choice after August 2. That's the day the debt ceiling has to [...] Posted in: Other
Credit card parking meters: time saver or hassle maker? Written by Geoff Williams June 21, 2011 The U.S. credit card parking meter industry is definitely not in park these days. Granted, this isn't a topic that normally captures the imagination, but writing about the credit card industry as I do, tackling topics ranging from credit card deals to student credit cards, coupled with my lifelong obsession with parking meters, well, I couldn't [...] Posted in: Other
Five ways credit cards can make holiday shopping easier Written by
December 16, 2010
According to Consumer Reports, American shoppers overspent their holiday budgets by about 11% last year, with most gift givers spending about $800 to clear their shopping lists. Credit cards can burn a hole in your pocket during the holiday season, making it easy to indulge both generous and selfish whims. Even if you're planning on [...] Posted in: Best Credit Card Deals Other
The History and Evolution of the Credit Card Written by
June 30, 2010
July 4th falls on a Sunday this year. Unless you keep your cash at a bank with super-convenient hours (and disgruntled tellers), you'll probably rely on a piece of plastic with a magnetic stripe to handle your spending during the four day weekend. You couldn't have hit an ATM a few decades ago, just like [...] Posted in: Other
5 Surprising Credit Card Expenses Written by
May 21, 2010
After news broke about Blippy.com leaking a handful of its users' credit card numbers to the Web, we thought of a question. Are the site's users simply oversharing their purchases of iTunes apps and Netflix rentals, or can their real-time purchasing feeds hold a candle to some of the wildest credit card purchases of all [...] Posted in: Other
Choose a Credit Card That Will Reduce Your Rental Car Bill Written by
May 11, 2007
Wherever your travels take you this summer, having a credit card will make it easier to rent a car. Many companies won’t accept cash, and those that do require preapproval and a deposit. Click and Call to Get the Best Deal When you make your travel plans, look for specials on travel sites, such as Travelocity and [...] Posted in: Best Credit Card Deals Other
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