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Did mom make you an authorized user on her credit card? Here's how to use it Written by Lucy Lazarony If you're a teen and your parents have added you to one of their credit card accounts as an authorized user, consider this a big deal. You've officially entered the world of credit. Wondering what this means for you? The only way someone under 18 can gain access to a credit card is for mom or ...
Strap on your high heels before pulling out the credit card Written by Maryalene LaPonsie The goblins and ghouls of Halloween are behind us which means we are almost to the biggest season of the year. No, I am not talking about Thanksgiving or Christmas. I'm talking about the shopping season. Yes, I know shopping isn't really a season, and we often bemoan that the true meaning of the winter holidays is ...
Your fall personal finance reading list Written by Geoff Williams Summer reading is over, and so if you're starting to veer away from lighter beach reading and more into the heavier stuff, you might want to take a look at some of the self-help personal finance books out there and put them on their reading list… especially if you've been crunching numbers and wondering why ...
Teaching your kids financial literacy without going broke yourself Written by Geoff Williams As a parent, it's your job to make sure your children learn how money works and understand where their money goes. But when you decide to teach them this, you may end up learning a few things too. Entrepreneur Day I was reminded of that last week. My oldest daughter, Isabelle, 10, had Entrepreneur Day at her ...
Financial literacy: Back to 1974? Written by Geoff Williams Apparently, as a country, we are a nation of financial ignoramuses. I doubt I'm telling anyone anything they don't already know, but two things cropped up in the last couple of weeks that got me thinking about this:Earlier this month, the FINRA Investor Education Foundation released a new study that women are more likely than ...
A credit card agreement you can actually READ? Written by Geoff Williams If a picture is worth a thousand words, a typical credit card agreement would require five pictures. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a better idea. On Dec. 7, the newly formed consumer agency debuted a template of a greatly streamlined agreement they would like to see behind all new consumer credit card offers. It's worded ...
Teaching Johnny how credit cards work Written by Geoff Williams In recent years, high schools and universities have been trying to teach students how to manage their money, bank accounts and credit cards. Moms and dads, who have been teaching their kids about money for generations, have likely been discussing money more, in recent years, ever since the economy began faltering. And now, credit card ...

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